Is Magnetic Therapy Effective in Treating Cancer Naturally

Magnetic Therapy is an alternative treatment technique considered by many medical experts as an established field of treating ailment. It uses the power of magnetic field to produce the healing effects. But like several other alternative treatment techniques, magnetic therapy also lacks its ardent admirers from the scientific community and is still striving for its formal recognition by government agencies. The food and Drug Administration of the United States considers Magnetic therapy as a pseudo medical practice.

Off late, medical researchers have started to explore obscure and region specific treatment techniques all over the world. In this context, new revelations are coming forward on daily basis, about the effectiveness of these techniques in treating even dreadful diseases like Cancer. This article tries to gin further insight on the claims made Magnetic therapy to treat Cancer.

Magnetic Therapy and Positive Experiences of Cancer Cure:

The information provided here is based on the individual experiences of treatment shared by a medical professional Dr. William.H.Philpott, M.D. on the Internet. He reported that magnets successfully cured the cancer type basal cell carcinoma in a woman, aged 71. The treatment technique involved applying the negative side of a 12,300 gauss strength magnet on the cancerous area during the night time. The treatment followed for a period of 6 weeks. At the end of the treatment period, Cancer area got healed up completely with out a sign of scar. There was no report of cancer reappearance by the women even after 5 years of treatment.

In another such experience, a 75 years old women suffering from a cancer tumor on her forehead was treated by Dr. Philpott. A magnet of 3950 gauss strength was applied on the tumour for 24 hours continuously for 3 months. Within a month of treatment, metastasis was arrested. Metastasis is the technical name for spreading of the harmful cancer cells to the new locations of the body. After the end of the treatment process, the tumour dried up and fell off from the affected area of the women completely.

How Magnetic Therapy Claims to Cure Cancer:

  • According to Dr. William.H.Philpott, Cancer cells are harmful and life threatening because they are acidic and hold up the much needed Oxygen gas within themselves.
  • The negative side of a magnet completely reduce the acidic nature of Cancer cells making them non-acidic ones. This initiates the healing process.
  • Over the period of time, the magnetic field releases the hold of oxygen gas reserves from the Cancer cells. This spreads to other healthy and ailing cells of the affected region, speeding up the recovery.
  • If these two factors, acidic nature and lack of oxygen of Cancer cells, are addressed in more focussed and intense manner, then Cancer cure will be a reality soon.

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