Is Calorie-Restricted Diet the Natural Anti-Aging Diet Plan

Scientists recently claimed that Anti-Aging drugs will be a reality soon. This development was seen as a consequence of the research work carried out by 2009 Noble prize winners for Medicine. Latest research in this field (dated December 2009), reports that calorie-restricted diets can increase the longevity of humans naturally instead. This should be a welcome change in a common manai??i??s life. All we know today is to pop up pills for various ailments and further take our body for granted. This article tries to gain further insight on this research disclosure.

Things Known from the Research Study:

  • The research found out that Calorie-restricted diets change the proteins in the fats cells in our body.
  • These changes take place as we shed our weight and become slimmer.
  • The participants of this research study took five weeks long calorie restricted diet and lost 21 pounds on average.
  • The fat cells of these participants near their abdomen were compared before and after taking the diet plan.
  • It was learnt that as many as 6 important proteins present in these fat cells underwent positive changes after the diet plan was followed.
  • But how these fat cells are able to show these positive changes after following the calorie-restricted diet is not known yet.

What are Fats and Calories: The food we eat is the source of essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrate and minerals. These ingredients provide energy to our body for carrying out its normal functioning. This energy is measured in terms of what is called the Calorie. The present day sedentary life style has made us hopelessly lethargic and inactive beings.

As a result, our body does not get chance to use up the energy produced on daily basis. It instead starts storing energy in the form of fat cells for later use. Excess storage of energy or calories makes us obese posing threat to our life. According to estimation, one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories.

Fruits, vegetables, chicken, egg whites, milk, steamed or baked fish, low fat yogurt, water-packed tuna are the sources of good low calorie diet. They ensure adequate supply of all the essential nutrients and low production of fats in the body. Regular exercise as per convenience like brisk walking, jogging or joining gym plays an important role too in burning of fats and enhances our longevity naturally.

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