Taurus Male Personality

A typical Taurus man is known to be a very calm, composed, quite, practical and a humble person. He takes one step at a time that too after through observation.

  • Is always prepared for the worse and never takes chances in life.
  • Very artistic by nature.
  • Has a very good sense of time and is orderly.
  • He is dependable and offers everlasting loyalty.
  • He can be stubborn and very obstinate.
  • Taurus men are very affectionate and loving.
  • He seldom changes his point of view.
  • Works hard to be secure in future.
  • Doesn’t pretend and hates people putting on an act.
  • Enjoys comfort and luxury.

Taurus and Work

A Taurus male is very focused at work and will work steadily towards what he wants and values. Dislikes anyone interfering in his work. Expects respect and doesn’t make any hasty decisions. He is honest and dependable. He can handle emergency situations very well. He prefers a calm and comfortable place to work in.

Taurus and friends

Taurian males like people who are focused, reliable and unchanging. They are very affectionate and warm towards their friends. They hate signs of weakness and can at times get jealous of their friends.

Taurus and love

Taurus men are not the people who falls in the love easily. A Taurus male will take his own sweet time to decide whether he can spend his life with that particular person. However, once sure about it, he would go to any heights to win your love. He can be extremely romantic, writing poems for you, sending you flowers etc. They are very expressive and express their love with small gestures.

Taurus and health

Taurians are generally healthy but minor problems like throat infection, Constipation, swollen glands may cause discomfort to them. They can withstand great pain and discomfort.

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  1. Ravi said on May 31, 2011

    “Taurus men are not the people who falls in the love easily.” It should be “Taurus men are not the people who fall in love easily. ”

    “Taurians are generally healthy but minor problems like throat infection, Constipation…” ‘C’ in ‘constipation’ should be small.

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