Pudendal Neuropathy

Have you experienced a stabbing pain in your genitals or pelvic area which is unexplainable? Is this pain aggravated after sitting or standing for long hours? If the answer is YES, then you might be affected by a condition called Pudendal Neuropathy. This condition is caused by damage to the pudendal nerve. The pudendal nerve passes through the external genitals, lower rectum, perineum and carries sensations. The symptoms of pudendal neuropathy mainly occur in these parts.


Damage to the pudendal nerve mostly occurs due to sustained trauma caused by:

  • Bicycle riding
  • Aggressive weightlifting
  • Injury due to falls
  • Severe constipation
  • Surgery in the pelvic region
  • It can also be caused due to diabetes or multiple sclerosis.


The symptoms of pudendal neuropathy include:

  • Severe rectal pain
  • Defecation problems
  • Pain in the perineum or genitals
  • Numbness
  • Hypersensitivity

A person suffering with this condition may experience stabbing or burning pain. The pain is aggravated by long hours of sitting or standing. Urinary and sexual problems are also caused due to this condition.


Pudendal neuropathy can be treated by physical therapy, medicines, injection of steroids and nerve decompression surgery. The treatment is more effective if it’s started at an early stage. Physical therapy involves stretches and exercises that considerably reduce the pain. However, these exercises must be done under the guidance of a trained professional or it may worsen the pain. Acupuncture has also proved to be effective in some people suffering with this condition.

Surgical treatment includes three types of surgery. They are transperineal, transgluteal and transichiorectal surgery.

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