A Review of Alternative and Mordern Day Medicinal Practices

Present day research in the field of medicine is keenly focused on tracing the origin of an ailment to the genes in human body. This tryst is based on a simple belief that genes are the instructions which run our body. The reason for susceptibility of our body is hidden somewhere in the twisted chemical structures called genes. Naturally present chemical substances called enzymes and hormones are carefully studied. Their role in the origin and treatment of an ailment form newly discovered facts in recent times.

Our body is made up of atoms and molecules which are chemical substances essentially. So, ailment and well being are also essentially disbalance or disharmony in these chemical constituents. Restoring the harmony back is an on going process and is at the core of the western philosophy of medicinal research.

The east however held beliefs completely radical to western world. As far as effectiveness of the eastern medicinal practices are concerned in addressing human ailments, they are on par with the western school of medicinal practice. The east mostly believes in intangible forces present in the body as the sole interest of their research. Ayurveda of India and traditional medicine practice of China are the two most famous alternative medicinal practices of the ancient world. Their existence remain unthreatened even today.

Ayurveda believes in a life force called Prana. The Chinese know this concept as Qi. According to both these ancient medicinal practices, the life force freely flows along the body. It restores the essential equilibrium of our body with mother nature. The origin of any ailment is obstruction in the flow of this life force. Dissolving the reason of obstruction of life force is the core principle of treatment in the eastern philosophy of medicinal research.

For centuries together, these two worlds of medicinal practices remained obscured to each other. As world history took its course and the western world extended its materialistic dominance over the world, the discovery of these practices became a reality. Initially, there were disbeliefs about the efficacy of these treatments in the minds of people belonging to the two parts of the world.

A major hurdle was that westerners are logical and easterners are spiritual people mostly. It required considerable amount of exposure before time compelled both these groups to transcend the differences in their outlook and start appreciating each other’s insights in healing ailments.

In today’s age of Internet, the world is reduced to a global village. There are more exchanges of ideas as the avenues to share information are aplenty. Eastern world has accepted western medicine as part of their daily life. Similarly medical researchers from west are increasingly showing interest in alternative medicinal practices of the east in recent times.

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