Body Chemical to Treat Hypertension Identified

One billion people world wide suffer from a chronic and complex disorder called Hypertension. By 2025, the count will raise to 1.5 billion. In United States, 43 million people suffer from this disorder. It is mainly an outcome of the modern day hectic and sedentary life style. Treatment calls for life style changes which cannot be effectively implemented by most of the patients of hypertension. Because it is convenient to pop up pills today, than resolve ourselves for a following a health regime.

In any case, good new awaits all of us. Researchers the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine have found that hypertension can be treated in alternative ways using an enzyme called ACE2. Enzymes are naturally present chemical substances which help in carrying out essential chemical reactions in our body. The treatment procedure has proved to be successful on experimental mice and is considered to be a novel finding by the researchers.

Basics to Appreciate the Research: Informally hypertension is known to us as blood pressure. Blood flows through several tissues and vessels in our body. They are the natural pathways to reach different organs in our body. But the rate at which blood flows through these pathways, depends on their width. When for various reasons, the vessels or the tissues shrink in size, blood increase its thrust on their walls to continue its uninterrupted flow. This causes disruption in the normal function of the body. Such a condition of the body is called Hyper tension.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • According to Dr. Daniel Batlle from the Feinberg School of Medicine, the present day medicines of hypertension (technically called ACE inhibitors), work by blocking the a substance called angiotensin 2.
  • This is the chemical component which constricts the pathways of the blood raising the pressure on the walls of the pathways.
  • But the newly identified ACE2 enzyme can breakdown angiotensin 2 component in to other less effective chemical substances.
  • This treatment technique is superior to other techniques addressing the undesirable effects of angiotensin 2 on our body.
  • In this way, researchers are confident that new path ways for dealing with other hypertension associated medical conditions will also emerge in the coming days.

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