Are New Year Resolutions Meant to be Broken

A brand new year awaits us in couple of days. It is time of contemplation for few, celebration for many and making resolutions to break them midway for most. Why are resolutions broken in first place ? Is there some kind of fun or high to experience ? Do we realize the significance of new year resolutions at all in first place ? This article tries to gain insight on this topic further.

Why Resolutions: It is natural and essential for humans to explore, experience and grow in life. Fresh opportunities of learning stimulate the urge to learn further. New year resolutions provide such opportunities to make fresh beginnings. They provide us a chance to contemplate and evaluate our past attitudes and deeds. This helps us to undo and unlearn things which block our growth in general.

Some Common Resolutions Made to be Broken Later are:

  • I will find better job or earn more money.
  • I will become more sociable.
  • I will study harder.
  • I will spend less on impulsive shopping.
  • I will have control over my anger.
  • I will spend more time for the family.
  • I will join a gym.
  • I will lose weight.
  • I will give up alcohol.
  • I will give up smoking.

Why Resolutions are Broken: Dishonesty and complacency are the main culprits to blame. If we are dishonest in the first place, making resolutions are worthless. Making resolutions to impress others, with hidden agendas and serve selfish ends fall flat at the time of their execution in action. It is because the motive or the intent with which they were made and the purpose which they would serve do not go hand in hand.

Even if we are honest to ourselves while making these resolutions, it requires will power to convert thoughts in to action at the appropriate moment. Our habits and addiction to convenience so potently control us that inevitable changes are also refused by the body and mind point blankly.

Are Resolutions Meant to be Broken ? Try not to:

  • Be honest, there is no point otherwise. You can take your time to make the resolution. A delay in making the resolution couples of days after 1st January will also do, if we stick by it.
  • Keep small and achievable goals. The confidence that they can be achieved easily inspire us more.
  • Be sensible and original while choosing the resolution. The purpose is to develop as a person by getting over the vices, ultimately.
  • Compliment or reward yourself after you feel like achieving considerable amount of progress in keeping the resolutions.

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