Know about Anger to Manage it

Anger is one of the fundamental human emotions. The general perception about anger is that it is self destructive. Then why something which is self destructive is present in us ? Or Is it the case that we misunderstand anger ? There should be some role which is assigned to anger in the scheme of things. It may take extra perseverance from our side to comprehend anger entirely. This article tries to gain further insight in to this basic human emotion.

What is the Bottom Line about Anger?

Most destructive element which destroys the perception we should have about anger is baggage of our childhood teachings and notions. In almost all the cultures of the world, anger is taught to be negative by the parents to their children. It is cursed, suppressed and asked to be always kept in check.

But very few people are fortunate to realize that it is not the anger which is destructive. It is the moment we choose to express this emotion which causes the destruction. Awareness about this fact can leave no room for hard feelings in relationships. Both excess display and bottling of this emotion, are harmful for our well being. Getting excessively angry can make us prone to high blood pressure related complications and keeping this emotion confined to our selves often can make us depressed.

Tips to Manage Anger:

  • The first step towards anger management is to acknowledge the fact that we are angry or hot headed.
  • This acknowledgement should be followed by a realization of how wrong choice of time to express this emotion is hurting us in our everyday life.
  • This realization can initiate an urge to take a resolve of fixing this issue.
  • As the first step to resolve this issue, we can recollect and prepare a list of moments which make us angry broadly.
  • Finer points or details can be put to rest for time being.
  • Then we should be patient enough to wait for such moments and remain vigilant enough to identify such moments.
  • Success in doing so can dissolve all the negative energy associated with anger.
  • Our perception over the time about anger becomes more positive and constructive.
  • In such a stage of anger management we can focus our attention on details.
  • Apart from being patient and vigilant, we should be decisive too.
  • It is important and just that we take a decision and display our anger when things are done wrong or when we are taken for granted.

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  1. for those of us who cannot control anger, i think that anger management should be a requirement to have a quality life `,*

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