Anti Social Personality Disorder

Anti social personality disorder is something that begins in the childhood or adolescence and continues in the adulthood. Manipulation and deceit are the main factors of this disorder.
It is a state of constant disregard for, and violation of the rights of others. People having this disorder are often referred to as ai???sociopathsai??? and ai???psychopathsai???

This disorder can be diagnosed only once an individual attains the age of 18 and if his behaviors become distressing and persistent. This is mainly because antisocial behaviors like this is very common in children and adolescence. It is basically a chronic disorder which is worse in the young adulthood but gradually improves in middle age.

Antisocial personality disorder in the general population is found to prevail more in men than in women, i.e 3% in males and 1% in females.


Constant lying or stealing
Tendency to violate rights of others
Difficulties with the law
Very prone to getting involved in fights
Often feeling of depression
Inability to maintain relationships like marriage, difficulty in making friends
superficial charm, etc.


Both genetic and environment factors contribute to the cause of this disorder.
Interrupted education, Prolonged unemployment, broken marriages, homelessness, irresponsible parenting, and frequent incarceration are some of the causes of this disorder.


Person with this disorder is more prone to dying prematurely by violent means like accidents, suicide,and homicide.


Till date, there is no kind of treatment found to cure this disorder.

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