How Night Glasses and Bulbs can Treat Insomnia and Depression

Insomnia (technical name for lack of sleep) and Depression are very closely related. In patients suffering from depression, lack of sleep is a common symptom and people who do not sleep are at high risks of getting depressed. Both these disorders are treated with powerful medicines made of chemicals. Effectiveness of these medicines in treating the disorders is debatable. But it is guaranteed that the users of these medicines suffer from the harmful side effects.

Scientists at John Carroll University developed a couple of easily affordable accessories to treat these disorders in November 2007. These accessories were a pair of glasses and light bulbs. Their working mechanism to treat depression and Insomnia are same. These products block “the blue rays to treat the disorders.

Some of the benefits of these accessories are:

  • The glasses can provide better sleep.
  • The symptoms of postpartum depression can be avoided.
  • The symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder during the months of November to February can be prevented.
  • Risk of cancer can also be reduced.
  • The cost of these glasses range between $40-$60.
  • The light bulbs are simple plug-in devices.
  • Each light bulb costs nearly $5.
  • These light bulbs have a coating over them which block the blue rays to provide the intended benefits.

How these Accessories Work: Normal light contains seven colours. They are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These colours are visible naturally in the rainbow. Researchers at the John Carroll University found that blocking the blue colour from the seven colour of normal light can treat depression and insomnia. They used filters to which allowed other six coloured components of normal light blocking the blue colour.

Their research studied found that a light ray without its blue component can alter the chemical in the brain responsible for getting sleep. Such naturally present chemicals substances which help the body in carrying out its natural functions are called hormones. Normal light without blue colour influence Melatonin hormone responsible for our sleep.

When the body releases this hormone we fall asleep. Normally the body starts doing so once there is darkness. It is found from the research that blue rays in normal light do not allow the release of Melatonin hormones to begin. This causes sleeplessness in people.

As a treatment procedure, the patients wear the special glasses or replace the lights of their bed room with the special light bulb, few hours prior to bedtime. These accessories create the presence of normal light minus the blue colour during these hours, all around the patients. By the time, they go to bed, sufficient amount of Melatonin is produced in their body to make them fall asleep peacefully. Regular sleeping habit naturally treats depression.

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