Regular Drinking of Coffee or Tea Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

According to an estimate, people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes around the world by 2025, will be 380 Million. Though research is done in this field to innovate new methods to curtail the disease, efforts are not well rewarded. Diabetes can start taking a person in its grip, as early as 13 years prior to its diagnosis. By the time it is diagnosed, it crosses the stage of prevention. We all know that there is no cure of Type 2 diabetes until now. However, health and life style measures to treat the disease are aplenty.

A research study was carried out in the George Institute for International Health, University of Sydney, Australia. Researcher Dr. Rachel Huxley and her team tried to understand the relation between coffee consumption and risk of diabetes. They referred to all the available works on this topic from 1966 to 2009. Their research study concluded that regular consumption of coffee or tea reduces the risks of getting Type 2 Diabetes.

Knowledge Gained from the Research:

  • The researcher and her team selected 18 previous research studies in total on this topic.
  • 6 studies involved data relating tea consumption to risks of diabetes and 7 studies addressed coffee consumption and diabetes risks.
  • The study found that every extra cup of coffee reduces the risk of diabetes by 7 percent.
  • People who drink more than four cups of coffee per day have 25 percent low risks of diabetes than the people who drink less than four cups of coffee.
  • Drinking more than four cups of decaffeinated coffee per day reduces the risk of diabetes to one third. This estimation is comparison to people who do not drink coffee.
  • Similarly, four or more cups of tea regularly, decrease the risk of diabetes by one fifth when compared to people who do not drink tea at all.

Presence of caffeine, magnesium and antioxidants like lignans or chlorogenic acid in coffee and tea are believed to be responsible for causing these positive affects. When further research will confirm the role of these components in these positive changes, then they can open a new treatment options for type 2 diabetes. If obesity is reduced and brisk walking for 30 minutes is done everyday, then the risk of developing diabetes can be reduced further by 40-50 percent.

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