Aquarius Male Personality

Aquarius are water bearers.

General personality traits of an Aquarius male:

An Aquarius man likes almost every person on this earth. There is hardly anyone he would dislike. He’s a people’s person. Any person he meets becomes his friend.
Like water, his emotions rush and flow. He can be silly as well as logical. He is generally a serious and highly temperamental person.
They are unpredictable, fascinating and very intelligent people.
These are some of the essential characteristics of an Aquarius male.
Aquarius men generally have a very strange sense of humor.
They often enjoy games like puzzles, riddles, random sayings etc.
They have an extremely creative and original mind. They prefers doing things their way and at their own pace.
Aquarius men usually think much ahead of time
They are very social, mysterious, quick thinkers, rational and an introvert.

Aquarius and work

A typical Aquarius male enjoys working in a group. As he is creative in thinking, he usually uses his mind. He dislikes decision making and a common routine. He loves variety in work. Dislikes dishonesty.

Aquarius and Friends

Aquarius male make many friends, in fact they are friendly with everyone they meet, but they have very few confidants. They value friendship and relationships and try their best to keep them going.

Aquarius and love

Aquarius males attract the opposite sex by their friendly nature. They generally prefer friendship with their loved one. They are afraid of a deeply emotional involvement. They are devoted to their partner and believe in having one affair at one time. A partner making too many demands, jealousy,or putting too many limitations on an Aquarius male is dropped out and treated like a complete stranger.

Aquarius and health

Circulatory disorder is a main health problem for Aquarius. They tend to suffer according to the weather. Nervous system and blood diseases are common to them.

Famous Aquarius personalities

Charles Lindbergh (Aviator), Yoko Ono (Pop Artist), Lewis Carroll (Author), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer)

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  1. Hi, i am a cancer woman who really likes an aquarian, to make a long story short
    he and i spoke over the phone many times and have gone out with each other and
    have been intimate, but then he became distant of course we would talk after awile
    but there would be some sort of pattern with him, like he keeps me guessing, i know
    he likes me, im independent, strong, warm, intelligent even more so what he likes about
    me we can laugh tell jokes and just laugh what i love doing but he confuses me please help.

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