Morton’s Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

A neuroma is basically a growth that occurs in the nerve cells. Morton’s neuroma is an inflamed, swollen nerve cell which is located between bones and ball of the foot. It usually occurs due to compression of sensation nerves in between the ends of metatarsal bones which are situated at the base of your toes.

Different Symptoms of morton’s neuroma

Symptoms for this chronic pain includes burning, parasthesia, numbness and weight bearing. One usually experience a sharp burning pain under the foot. The pain increases more with walking or when the foot are compressed or squeezed. It can be a hindrance to one’s walking habit.

How morton’s neuroma is diagnosed?

Morton’s neuroma can be only diagnosed by a doctor, when the various tests elicits all the symptoms. Usually our foot are tender and easily we can elicit symptoms of pain, if we squeeze or compress them together. Other ways to diagnose this pain are ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

How to treat morton’s neuroma?

Treatments for morton’s neuroma are very simple like, giving rest to your foot, applying ice packs on your foot, anti-inflammation medications and good fitting shoes. For a fast relief you can follow local cortisone injection. For people who suffer from a continuous pain, surgical operation can be done for removing swollen nerve tissues.

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