How Magnetic Hyperthermia Can Treat Cancer

Substances in nature can be broadly classified in to three categories based on their response to magnetic field. They are ferromagnetic, paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances. Ferromagnetic substances respond strongly to magnetic field. Para magnetic substances respond weakly whereas diamagnetic substances oppose magnetic field.

How Magnetic Hyperthermia Can Treat Cancer: When a magnetic substance is placed in a magnetic field, and the direction of magnetic field is changed alternatively, heat is produced by the magnetic substance.

This energy can be trapped and directed towards harmful cancer cells in the body to kill them. This experimental technique of Cancer treatment is called Magnetic Hyperthermia. It is presently applied on humans in Germany only.

However experiments to further develop the treatment process is carried out all over the world. Magnetic substances used in magnetic Hyperthermia are called magnetic nanoparticles. These are extremely small magnetic particles which can easily enter in to every nook and corner of the body. They get influenced when the patent’s body is passed through a very large magnet.

Basics to Appreciate the Treatment Technique: Cancer cells originate in the body for unknown reasons. These cells then turn the useful cells in our body to malignant ones.

After affecting cells in a particular organ, they spread to other organs of the body quickly through blood. This is called metastasis. By this stage, it is not possible to cure cancer. It can only be treated.

Cancer Techniques and their Side Effects: All Cancer treatment techniques aim at killing the harmful cancer cells without causing any harm to the useful cells in the surroundings. At present there are three primary medical techniques which can treat Cancer. They are Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and Surgery.

Each of these treatment techniques have unavoidable side effects of their own. Chemotherapy uses chemicals to kills the deadly cancer cells. But, the effect of chemicals on the harmless cells cannot be predicted or avoided to certain extent.

Radiation therapy uses powerful enrgy waves to kill the cancer cells. They can be directed precisely towards the cancer cells and is very efficient technique. But, it is very costly.

Surgery involves removing of the affected organ by cancer through operation. But, this technique works only when the cancer has not spread to other areas and detected early. Mostly, Cancer is detected only after it spreads to other regions and the signs become apparent.

Conclusion:If magnetic Hyperthermia succeeds as a viable technique to treat Cancer, then it can reduce the pain, cost and trauma associated with this dreadful disease in future.

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