Leo Male Personality

General personality traits

  • A Leo man is always the center of attraction. He is never alone. You will always find him in a group. There is always someone admiring him. The key to a lion’s heart is- flattery, appreciation and attention.
  • A very generous person from heart. Caring, loving and warmth are few of his personality traits.
  • He has a very mature sense of responsibility.
  • He can turn very coldhearted when hurt.
  • Can be very stubborn at times.

Leo and work

A typical lion male gives a good first impression at interviews. Extremely confident by nature. He can work very hard and put his best when made incharge of something. When pointed wrong, he finds it vey difficult to apologise.

Leo and friends

Leo’s like it when their friends are successful but cannot tolerate if their success overshines them. They are always proud of their friends and are very generous towards them.

Leo and love

Leo’s are extremely charming people and never find it hard to attract women. They are very romantic people and are often proud of it. Very caring, supportive and protective towards their partner. They expect total commitement from their loved one.

Leo and health

Leo’s are always happy and healthy people. They are energitic as long as they are loved. They are prone to high fever and sudden accidents. A lion cannot stick on the sick bed for long. This can actually get problematic in the long run.

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