Can Herbs Treat Cancer

According to a latest estimate of the National Cancer Institute, there are 1,479,350 new cases of Cancer in United States in 2009. Estimated deaths this year will be 5,62,340. It is a known fact that there is no cure for cancer yet. It can be treated using chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. But doctors also study about alternative medicines to deal with Cancer. It is because the popular treatment techniques of cancer are notorious for their unavoidable side effects. This article tries to understand how certain herbs can treat Cancer.

How the Existing Treatment Techniques are Notorious: All cancer treatment techniques basically aim at killing the harmful cancer cells. What makes one technique preferred over other is its effectiveness in achieving this aim. If the technique has less side effects comparatively, it becomes popular. Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals to kills the harmful cancer cells. But most of the times, one cannot make out how the chemicals will react with the body additionally. Radiation Therapy involves use of powerful laser energy to kill the harmful cells. It is the most preferred technique to treat cancer. Laser is a very strong energy wave which can be well directed towards the cancer cells. The surrounding healthy cells remain in tact without being affected by Laser. Surgery is beneficial in the initial stages of cancer only. It involves operating on the infected organ in the body and removing it.

How Herbs Can Treat Cancer: Herbs are naturally available. The components present in herbs have no side effects. This is the main reason why the herbs are preferred by many people and interest medical researchers. Some of the herbs found to be beneficial in treating cancer are:

Mistletoe: It is a plant found with trees like pine, oak, elm, apple and elm. It is known from ancient times to treat a variety of diseases. Research done on the components of this herb have shown cancer cells killing abilities in the laboratory. They are injected at the site in the body where most of the cancer cells coexist. Collection of cancer cells in a location is called tumor. These herbs are found to reduce the size of the tumor by killing cancer cells. They also stimulate the body’s natural protective system, technically called immune system. The immune system in a cancer patients body is incapable to kill, control the damage or the spread of cancer cells.

Saw Palmetto: This herb is found mostly in the southeastern part United States, particularly Florida. The plant’s berries are dried and grounded to prepare capsules. Research studies done on this herb shows that it is effective in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia cancer. The components of this herb can stop the growth of and spreading of cancer cells.

Hoxsey Therapy: This treatment was developed by herbal practitioner Harry Hoxsey in early 1900. The treatment consisted of two remedies to be taken externally and internally. The external mixture destroyed the cancer cells. It was a red paste prepared from chemicals and herbs. The internal mixture strengthened the body’s protective system. It was a liquid prepared mostly from the roots of many herbs and very less chemicals. This treatment aims at self healing of the body by strengthening the immune system and causing an environment where the cancer cells die naturally. This technique is still followed in Mexico.

Birch: This herb is popular in Russia since 1834. It has used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and known as an effective blood cleanser. A research was carried out on this drug in March, 1995 at the University of Illinois, Chicago. According to researcher John Pezzuto, this herb contains a component called betulinic acid. This acid was found to kill harmful cancer cells in experimental mice effectively. It has no side effects and is inexpensive too.

Aloe Vera: Research done on this herb reports that it contains a component called acemannan. This component can treat ailments like AIDS and Cancer. Both these dreadful diseases are associated with the immune system of the body. They are wide spread and have no cure. They can only be treated. Studies report that acemannan is anti viral in nature and can boost the immune system of the body without causing any side effects.

What is Cancer: The human body is made up of Cells. They are the building blocks of our body. Malignant cells can also develop in our body. They cause a condition of our body called Cancer. How they exist in human body is not known yet. When these malignant cells do exist, they start damaging other healthy cells in the surrounding. In this way, Cancer cells in fact a location in the body initially. If the presence of these cells in our body is known at this stage, Cancer can be cured. Later, these cells reach to different parts of the body through blood stream. This is spreading of Cancer cells or Metastasis technically. By this time, cancer reaches its advanced stage and gets detected anyways. But it can only be treated.

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  1. Absolutely cancer can be cured by herbs and vegetables. I have very little knowledge about modern medicines but I have helped my sister, who has thyroid cancer that spreads to lungs, by using fresh herbs and vegetables for her treatment. The cancer cells are almost gone, according to her doctor recently. She has been using green juices, aloe vera, gobo tea (with other combination).
    For the cancer patients, don’t make your life complicated. Be simple!



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