What is shyness and how to cure shyness?

The first and the most important thing to remember is that shyness is not a mental disorder. It is a behavioral pattern in which the individual is unable to express or expresses few thoughts and feelings, interacts very less and at times can have physiological changes like fast heart beating and rapid breathing.
They long for freedom in social situations. Participating in group activities gets a little tuf for such individuals. Speaking in public, asking a question in the class, asking someone out on a date are few signs of shyness.
In short shyness is a kind of emotion that affects a persons feelings and behaviour around others. Shyness also means self-consciousness, nervousness, feeling uncomfortable.

How to overcome shyness

  • The best remedy to cure shyness is to work on your self confidence. You need to build up your confidence levels.
  • If you find something interesting, do not hesitate to get involved in the conversation. Similarly when you find something, do not be embarrased to laugh.
  • Start greeting people as you meet them. You don’t really have to get deep into the conversation. A simple helo will also do. Doing this will make you feel comfortable with your surroundings.
  • Meet new friends. May be you could make one friend in a week.

These are few ways you could use to start off with to overcome shyness.

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