Top 10 Dangerous Facts on College Drinking

College drinking on Americaai??i??s campuses is very common. Ai??Legal and underage college students consume alcohol, and the consequences are serious and wide-ranging. The troubles created by them, such as careless driving, getting injured unintentionally, rapes and violent assaults, and alcohol poisonings, ruin the studentsai??i?? lives and put othersai??i?? lives in danger. This article lists some facts on this topic based on the reports of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Top 10Facts about College Drinking in the United States:

1. 72% of students start drinking during their high school days. The quantity of consumption only increases in college.

2. The fact that college drinking is prevalent is known from the statistics that 83% of college students consume alcohol.

3. 41% of these students are found to be involved in heavy and dangerous levels of alcohol consumption. They drink five or more times in a two-week time frame. This is an addiction to alcohol.

4. On the occasion of a 21st birthday, many students try to take 21 shots of alcohol within one night. This is alcohol poisoning.

5. 26% of college students are reported to be involved in binge drinking.

6. The age group of 18-24 years is the most involved in heavy or high risk drinking when compared to any other age group.

7. The legal age for drinking is 21. Laws are applicable to underage people and to those who provide alcohol to underage people. It is not easy to separate the legal age drinkers from the underage drinkers.

8. After high school, some students join college and others join the work force. It is found that college students not only influence their peers in college but also pass on the habit of heavy drinking to their non-college peers quickly.

9. College drinking needs to be addressed at individual and national levels.

10. Underage drinking laws are different in different states. In order to address the issue of college drinking, a joint collaboration between college and university administrators from all states is necessary.

All the attempts made in the past to address the problem of college drinking failed due to the negligence and complacency shown towards this problem. If the problem is not curbed in a timely manner and is instead allowed to expand in its present proportion, the future of our youth will be in peril.


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