Pisces Male Personality

Pisces males are of two types- those who go with the tide and those who go against it. The former remains involved in their dreams and may not realise when opportunities knock at their door step, while the latter waits for opportunities and struggle against all odds to be successful in life. He is extreamly clever and has a very sharp mind. Once he starts to working towards his practicle goals, he is sure to win thousands of hearts.

  • A piscian male is very loving and caring.
  • A shy person by nature.
  • Mysterious.
  • Very gentle and kind.
  • Compassionate and understanding.
  • Blames oneself for everything.
  • Is very emotional and is too involved in others problems.
  • Dependant, self pitying and very depressive.
  • He cannot be fooled easily

Pisces men are very unstable. They can rise to the top most position or can even sink to the bottom.

Pisces and Work
Pisces men love freedom and cannot work in a team that has strict rules and regulations. He prefers working alone and would want a frecquent change in work. He will never refuse help to a person in need. He is a loyal worker.

Pisces and friends
Pisces like friends who are reassuring and useful. They are extremely loyal towards their friends. They get too attached to them and will rarely pay attention to those taking advantage of them. They are humourous and friendly people. They can be very confusing at times.

Pisces and love
A pisces male needs love romance and affection and doesn’t differentiate between the three. They need to be reassured frequently that they are love and cared. They expect all important dates like birthdays and anniversaries to be remembered. Rejection is the biggest fear for a piscian man. He is always eager to please the opposite sex.

Pisces and health
pisces are generally healthy as long as they feel they are loved. Unhappy pisces are very prone to taking drugs, smoking, drinking etc.commen problems they generally suffer from are boils, ingrown nails, corns etc.

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