Chronic postoperative pain

Postoperative pain is usually a common thing after surgery. However chronic postoperative pain, occurs only after the expected recovering period from surgery. Chronic postoperative pain is common with people and it has been estimated that some 10 to 50 percent of people who have gone through surgery are effected by the pain.

Causes of postoperative pain

Although causes of postoperative chronic pain are not completely detected or understood, but doctors have come out with some potential guys. They are:

  • Inflammation due to the wound
  • Damage of any body tissues during the surgery
  • Any damage of peripheral nerves during the surgery
  • Prior record of anxiety or depression
  • Tremendous fear of surgery
  • pre-operative pain
  • complicated surgeries
  • prior experience of any kind of chronic pain disorders

Types of Chronic Postoperative pain
You can get chronic postoperative pain from any kind of surgery. Some of the types of chronic postoperative pain are:

  • Postoperative back pain
  • Phantom limb pain
  • Postoperative pelvic pain
  • Post-mastectomy pain

Treatment for Chronic postoperative pain
Now, postoperative pain can be treated by these following medications:

Opioids: You can use a lighter opioids for a moderate pain, but for a severe case you must use the stronger ones.
NSAIDs: You can always use ibuprofen and aspirin for controling both mild and severe pain with the combination of other painkillers.
Anticonvulsants: It can be use for controlling any kind of postoperative pains, especially for those which are related to nerve damage.

How to cope with chronic postoperative pain?
Usually coping with chronic postoperative pain is difficult, but there are certain things that can make you a little bit comfortable and easy. They are:

  • You should learn to relax
  • Don’t think about pain and try to engage yourself in other things, so that you can distract your mind from thinking about the pain.
  • Talk to someone who is willing to listen your problems. Try to discuss about different ways through which you can cope with your postoperative chronic pain.
  • Maintain a pain journal

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