Seniors With Chronic Pain

Seniors are more prone to chronic pain than the average age people. It’s been recorded that 88% of seniors or aged people are suffering from chronic pain and often left untreated and undetected.

Causes for chronic pain in seniors

When a person becomes old, his muscles and joints, slowly become rigid and stiff. This causes the joint in moving inefficiently. The skin becomes fragile and there is a decrease in the sensation. Injuries take long time to heal, when one becomes old. Aged people are more prone to accidents which leads to chronic pain.

Different types of chronic pain in seniors

Usually old people suffer from joint pains and muscle pains. There are other pains that leads to chronic pain in aged people. They are:

  • Cancer pain
  • Depression related pain
  • Joint pain/ Arthritis
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Central pain syndrome

Lingering pain from injuries

Diagnosing pain in senior people

Usually seniors neglect to report their pain unlike other people., as they feel its normal to have pain due to growing age. Most of the seniors have trouble in communicating about their pain to doctors. Thus it’s a challenging job in diagnosing pain in senior people. This may lead to anxiety, depressions and untreated.

Treatment of chronic pain in seniors

Treating chronic pain in seniors can be a little bit tricky and difficult than other average age people. This happens due to undetected and untreated pain. Most of the time aged people do not report about their pain and take it as a part of their aging process. Now, this can lead to self-medication and pain denial, which may turn dangerous.

In case od seniors, medications need to be monitored more closely and carefully, which can be frustrating at times for both the patient and the doctor. Whereas sometime many seniors are feneaky about taking medications, as they are sacred of side effects.

Senior people are not only prone to chronic pain, but they also have different types of health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, lung problems etc. So, it is very essential to have a close monitor on their medications

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