Theories of Personality Psychology

Personality psychology is a study of the entire human individual. It is also known as ‘personology’. It stresses mainly on one thing i.e ‘what is it that makes an individual’.

There are few factors on which personality psychology aims at:

  • It emphasis on constructing a meaningful picture of the individual and his/her psychological development.

    How people vary from one another i.e individual differences.

    The third area is the ‘human nature’ and their similarity.

These three points blend together in the study of personality.

There are many theories that have come up on personality psychology.

The Trait theory: Theorists generally presume that traits are nearly stable over time and influence behaviour. Personality trait is an enduring pattern of discovering, oneself that is indicated in a wide range of personal and social context.

Type theory: According to this theory, there are two kinds of people, evtraverts and introverts.

Psychoanalytic theory: This theory explains individuals behaviour in terms of various factors of personality.
Behaviorist theories: This theory explains personality with respect to the effects that external stumulihave on behaviour.

Social cognitive theories: According to this theory, behaviour is controlled knowledge, observation, awareness etc about the world.
Humanistic theories: This theory emphasises on determining how an individual behaves and his freedom.

Biopsychological theories: This is a biological condition where the brains hemispheric asymmetry effects the humans personality.

Hence the above seven theories explains the individuals Personality psychology.

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  1. pyschology is a very interesting branch of science, it deals with the inner workings of the mind-;:

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