Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder, is a serious mental ailment characterized by change in moods, self-image, interpersonal relationships, and behavior. This often disturbs work and family life, self identity, and long term planning. Borderline Personality Disorder affects 2%of the adults, targeting mostly young women.


  • A person with BPD, often experiences sudden anger, depression and anxiety which last for hours together or sometimes even a day. This can sometimes be linked with episodes of alcohol or drug abuse, self injury or even impulsive aggression.
  • They have highly unstable social relationships. Their attitude towards people, may suddenly shift from love to anger. In short, they are very loving towards the other person but with a small conflict or arguement, they unexpectedly switch to the other extreme.
    At times, people with this disorder, view themselves as unworthy, and primarily bad people. They often feel mistreated, empty and bored. They have a very little idea about who they are.
  • People with this disorder, also exhibit other hasty behaviours like binge eating, excessive spending, risky sex etc.


  • Individual and group psychotherapy are effective for many patients.
    A new psychosocial treatment called ‘dialectical behavior therapy’ was developed and this treatment gives promising effects to some extent.
    Mood stabilizers and antidepressant drugs are also effective to a certain extent for depressed moods.
  • The patient need extensive mental health service. There is a very high rate of suicide attempts and other self injury cases. Around 20% of the BPD population account for psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Love care and help can actually improve the condition of these patients inventually and they begin leading a productive life there after.

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