The Corporate Sector and Occupational Therapy

In todayai??i??s world of globalization, there are more work opportunities. The corporate sector pays attractive salaries to its employees, but there are some side effects of working in the corporate sector too. The reason which tops the list is the erratic work schedule. It affects life in many ways. But most importantly, it disturbs our bodyai??i??s natural biological clock. This article tries to explain the way occupational therapy can be beneficial in resolving this issue.

Is it an Addiction?Ai??

There are several advantages in working for the corporate sector. You can start working at an early age. The salary offered is attractive. Talent and efforts are appreciated and duly rewarded. Productivity and promotions go hand in hand. These aspects create a mindset which makes the workers focus on their performance. Competition creeps in among colleagues to outperform each other and impress their superiors. An increase in the standard of living makes workers more ambitious. However, health can be completely neglected. Unhealthy lifestyles and no time for social interactions affect workersai??i?? mental and emotional states. But in spite of the apparent damage done, people continue to prioritize only the rise in their careers. They become addicted to work.

What is Occupational Therapy?

As the name suggests, this technique involves making our occupation a healing medium. People who professionally practice this method of treatment are called occupational therapists. Originally, this treatment process was developed to enable physically and mentally challenged people to lead better lives. Occupational therapists work closely with the family members of their clients. They first try to understand the day-to-day lifestyle of the client in fundamental ways. They interact with the person to understand his strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. Based on the knowledge gained, they suggest lifestyle changes which complement the work schedule. They provide options to choose from activities which are either priorities or liabilities in their work. In this way, occupational therapists restore balance between work and other aspects of life for their clients.

How is Occupational Therapy Beneficial?Ai??

There is stress in the workplace because of the pressure to meet deadlines. Emotional disconnection with family members is common today because we get little time to spend with them. Then there is deteriorating physical health to fight with. At the end of day, awareness of these aspects makes us feel helpless and hopeless. Factors like family responsibilities, social status, personal ambitions, and prestige, along with slogans like, ai???Come on, be practical,ai??? do not allow us to think or act any differently. Under all this pressure and the side effects from these factors, we find our thinking to be cluttered and confused. Occupational therapy brings clarity to our thinking without compromising the practical aspects of modern day living.

There are many resources to help you learn more about occupational therapy and its practice. But it is important that we first make up our minds to address the side effects associated with the corporate sector on our health. Then we can contact the experts of this therapy and seek treatment.

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  1. i am experiencing back pain offlate. i want to change my life style. will this therpy be of any use?

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