Diagnosis of Chronic Pain – diagnosis of severe chronic pain

It’s a challenging job for medical practitioners to measure one’s pain, especially when it comes to diagnosis of chronic pain. It is not easy like taking a doctor’s appointment. It can take a lot a of time, may be more than a month to diagnose your chronic pain correctly. Sometime it may involve several appointments to get to the cause of your chronic pain.

Diagnosis Procedure

Describing about the pain

The first thing that your doctor will do, is ask you to rate your pain. It’s one of the reliable source for the doctor to diagnose your pain . H e will also ask about how long does the pain lasts, what make your pain get worse and how you get relieve from it.

Psychological Test

Do not feel bad or offended, if your doctor asks you some personal questions. He may also ask you about any kind of depression or anxiety that you suffer from. Usually there is a lot of chance of depression and anxiety along with chronic pain. So don’t try to hide and be honest, even if you are not suffering with any psychological issues.

Physical and Neurological Test

Sometime your physical structure can also help to find out the cause of your chronic pain. So, your physician will make you go through a thorough physical tests. Now, during these tests, your doctor will check if you have any kind of physical abnormalities, the range of your joints’ motions and will also analyse your body posture.

The doctor will also perform a neurological tests to check if you have some sensory problems and reflexes. These two simple tests can help to detect the potential cause for your chronic pain.

Blood Test

Usually a blood test will not tell you the accurate cause, but can help to detect other illness which may be a cause of your chronic pain.

Imaging and Nerve Test

If your physician thinks that your chronic pain is a cause of bone, nerve damage, muscles, then he will make you go through several nerve tests and scan like x-rays, MRIs, EMG and nerve conducting tests.

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