Symptoms of Chronic Pain

There are some millions of Americans, who are suffering from chronic pain. It’s a pain that
stays for more than 6 months and can be a major hindrance in your life. This pain can be mild, continuous or unbearable.

Initial signs of chronic pain

  • Initial sources of pain can be joint pain, headaches, back pain or injury pain.
  • Chronic pain can also start from some past injuries, trauma, infections or some body damage.

Symptoms of chronic pain
Different symptoms of chronic pain are:

  • If the pain do not go, even after a disease or injury is over.
  • Pain which can be described and expressed as burning, aching, shooting and electrical.
  • When you start feeling soreness, tightness, discomfort and stiffness.

Other problems which accompany Chronic pain are:

Week Immune system: This leads to several frequent illness and infections in the body.

Depression: It is a very common thing when you are suffering from chronic pain. This makes the situation more adverse.

Several mood changes: People suffering from chronic pain also witness several mood changes like, fear, irritability, anxiety, stress and hopelessness.

Fatigue: Chronic pain can also result to lack of motivation and impatience.

Sleepless nights: are one of the major problems, which is caused due to chronic pain. It makes one stay awake throughout the night due to the severe pain.

: Chronic pain makes you inactive and you get tired every time you do some work. Due to the pain you tend to take more rest and become less active.

Disability: The pain can also cause a hindrance to your daily life and activities.

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