Top 6 Reasons Why Wine is Beneficial to Health

Wine is a favorite drink of many adults. It is the first choice on the eve of special occasions. At the same time, it may be enjoyed for no specific reason. This article lists the top researched facts, which help us to see the health benefits of drinking wine moderately. Moderate consumption means an intake of 1-3 glasses of wine per day.

Top Health Benefits of Wine:

1. Researchers at the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland have found out that wine reduces the risk of strokes. According to researchers Dr. Wilhelm Vetter and his colleagues, alcohol present in wine is beneficial when taken during meals. It reduces the growth of pathways to the heart called arteries by 20%. Growth in the size of these pathways can cause heart attacks and strokes.Ai?? Another 16-year research study by Dutch researcher Dr. Thomas Truelsenof Copenhagen University Hospital reports that moderate consumption of wine reduces the risk of strokes.

2. A research study on wine in Italy concluded that light to moderate wine consumption does not allow the buildup of fats in the pathways to the heart. A Dutch study reports that the same practice of drinking red wine along with meals stops the clotting of blood in the pathways to the heart.Ai?? A similar study on the same topic by Israeli researcher Fuhrman and his colleagues found that drinking red wine along with a meal reduces a harmful substance called LDL cholesterol by 20%. The rise in this substance indicates higher fat levels in the body.

3. Researcher Gary Curhan and his colleagues from Harvard University conducted a study on 81,000 nurses. They wanted to know the impact of different beverages like tea, coffee, fruit juices, wine, and water on their health. Out of the 17 beverages included in the study, wine was found to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation by 50%. This finding was again confirmed by researcher Curhan and his colleagues in 1996 when they found that wine consumption reduced the risk of kidney stone formation by 39%.

4. A team of researchers from the University of Illinois found that a compound called resveratrol can stop the growth of cancer cells in humans.

5. Dr. Eva Prescott and colleagues at Copenhagen University Hospital conducted a study on 28,000 adults. They wanted to study the relation between low wine consumption and the risk of lungs cancer. They found that men drinking one to 13 glasses of wine per week had a 22% lower risk of lung cancer. Men who drank more than 13 glasses of wine per week had a 56% lower risk of lung cancer. Ai??Researchers believe that wine contains essential anti-oxidant properties in it.

6. According to researcher Serge Renaud and his colleagues from the University of Bordeaux, moderate wine consumption reduces the death rate by 30%. Heart-related death rates can decrease by 35%. Cancer related deaths can be reduced by 18-24% by drinking wine.Ai?? According to a survey conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), moderate drinking of wine increases life expectancy by about 3 percent in white males.

So, next time youai??i??re sitting down to dinner, consider drinking a nice glass of red wine with it.Ai?? It can benefit your health in so many ways.

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