Why Diabetes is Dreadful

Everyone has to eat. The food we eat gets converted into glucose, which provides energy for carrying out our daily life activities. The glucose is converted into energy by a chemical substance called insulin, which is produced by the beta cells in the pancreas. When the insulin production is not up to the requirements of the body, a person gets Type 1 Diabetes. When the produced insulin does not serve its purpose in the body, a person is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. The conversion of glucose to energy is based on the energy requirements of the body. The rest of the glucose is saved for later use.

When diabetes attacks a person, the beta cells are affected. They either get killed or start functioning ineffectively, which is caused by the body’s own protection mechanism called the immune system. The immune system normally protects our bodies by killing harmful substances. The diabetic patient’s immune system cannot distinguish between healthy and unhealthy cells. The reason for such hostile behavior is not known yet. That is why ailments like diabetes come under the category of auto-immune disorders.

The purpose of eating food is not served in a diabetic patient’s body. In both types of diabetes, the insulin is not properly used by the body. The glucose, instead of being stored, gets dissolved in the blood. Increased levels of glucose in the blood severely affect the normal functioning of the body. Since blood is necessary for every organ, diabetes affects the entire body. To meet energy requirements, the body burns stored fats. This is the reason why diabetic patients feel under-nourished when glucose levels rise in their bodies.

Type 1 diabetic patients take insulin supplements throughout their entire lives. Type 2 diabetic patients eat certain food items and follow fitness regimes. These food items keep the rise in glucose to a minimum. The fitness regime stimulates the beta cells in the pancreas to produce more of the insulin hormone. In this way, diabetes can be treated. It cannot, however, be cured completely.

Therefore, it is important to watch your sugar intake to keep from developing diabetes.  If people take in too much sugar for their bodies to handle on a regular basis, they can develop this dreadful disease.

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  1. God bless you, sonny! I’m 84 years old and have diabeetees and and its so great that you are bringing this issue to the attention of peeple everywhere. The information you provide is truly life-saving!Again, God bless you for your service to helping all of us who are suffering with this disease.

  2. what an informative site . I have had type 1 diabeties for 22 years now, i wasnt diagnosed till i was 27 But just reading these articals i have learnt alot and with all the new findings it has given me hope for the future . Thank you

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