What is Diagnosis of Exclusion

Medical Science has made great progress in recent times. But still there are certain diseases which are yet to be understood. Especially in the field of Psychology, there are several such conditions and disorders. They cannot be detected, do not have any explanation for their cause or be treated completely.

In such situations, doctors follow common sense and arrive at one possible cause. It is done by testing and eliminating every possible cause one by one. Such diseases come under the category of Diagnosis of Exclusion.

What are Causes for the Diagnosis of Exclusion Diseases to be Remain Obscure ?

These diseases are rare. As a result, the medical community do not get enough chance to explore these diseases. Researchers associated with these diseases are less in number and remain isolated. There is no exchange or sharing of knowledge gained by them. This causes the doctors to learn about the disorders every time from stratch.

The fact that the patient is suffering from a rare and obscure form of depression disorder makes his situation further worse. Lack of enough support from the doctors leads to non cooperation from the patient in future diagnosis.

How to Deal with Diagnosis of Exclusion ?

The process to address this medical challenge is to painfully find out and eliminate every potential cause. For this the doctor has to rely completely on the associated symptoms which are apparent. There is every possibility that the technique followed is not correct. Then it proves counter productive for the patient instead.

The treatment procedure becomes lengthy.It may end up being trail and error process for the doctor. The patient’s mind becomes his laboratory. For him, it is a long, tiring and helpless phase of ordeal.

The medical fraternity should focus their attention on these obscure and rare medical conditions. There should be active cooperation and sharing of ideas between the doctors associated with diseases for long time.

Fund allocation from the government for research on these diseases should raise. This is because the people affected with these diseases do not remain in the appropriate mental state to speak for themselves or their condition.

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