Can Heart Disease be Self Healed in Future

For both women and men, the leading cause of death is the heart disease in the United States . In 2009, more than $304.6 billion is the total cost spent on heart disease. According to a recent research study, conducted at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, things will be completely different in near future. This article tries to gain further insight on this research.

Importance of this Research: One Million people in United States, suffer from Chest pain. The main reason is the blockage of the pathways to and from the heart. For 3 lakh chest pain sufferers, the usual treatment procedures like angioplasty and bypass surgery are not beneficial. This research provides a new self healing treatment procedure for heart disease by using the stem cells in a patient’s body to treat his ailment.

What the Research Involved: Stem cells are yet to be developed cells in our body. Since they are yet to become mature, they have the ability to acquire the functions of any cell type local to an organ. Latest research on them reports that they can reduce chest pain, increase walking abilities and reduce the number of deaths from heart disease. In the study, stem cells from the body of the participants were collected, purified and injected back in to their body.

How Stem cells are beneficial: Loss of pathways to the heart cause chest pain.It was expected by the researchers that the stem cells will create new pathways of the heart. The cells succeeded in doing so and hence reduction of pain in the heart patients. It is along these pathways that the blood flows to and from the heart. Improved blood circulation increase the capacity to exercise in heart patients.

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