Are Biophotons the Natural Cure for Cancer

A Russian Scientist in 1920s reported that cells in our body emitted photons. The concept was named Biophotons. This discovery earned him the Stalin Prize in his country. But further research was not carried out in the west on this topic. Decades passed by and the concept became obscure. Science and Technology made rapid strides over these decades. Today a new branch of Knowledge Biophotonics is present. A review of the Biophotons is carried out again and some researchers claim that this concept has the potential to be the natural cure for cancer. This article tries to gain further insight.

Basics of the Concept of Biophotons:

Cells: Cells are the building blocks of life. They unite to form tissues. Group of tissues form organs of our body.

Photons: Light is a form of energy. According to Physics, any form of energy can be viewed in two forms. Either in wave form or particle form. The particle form of light is called Photon. Depending on the ease with which a concept can be understood, a particular view is chosen of light.

Metabolism: Different functions in our body are mainly chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are called Metabolism technically.

Oxidative Stress: The air we breathe contains several harmful gases apart from the oxygen. The organ lungs separates the oxygen from the rest of toxic gases. Oxygen after separation gets absorbed in to the blood. During this process of absorption, it interacts with the cells. It produces substances called free radicals. These free radicals are harmful to our body. They should be kept in check. When the number of the free radicals exceed beyond control, a condition called Oxidative Stress is formed.

The Concept of Biophotons:

It is a rule of nature that every system wants to be stable. For this, it should possess less energy. But no system is isolated. It is surrounded by environment. There is a constant interaction between the system and its environment. Mostly the interaction is in the form of energy exchanges. Whenever a system acquires excess energy, it seeks various means to release the excess energy. This causes the system return back to its stable state.

The process of Oxidative stress is a part of Metabolism. In this process, the presence of free radicals is curbed by chemical substances called enzymes in our body. Energy exchange is involved in this process between the free radicals and the enzymes. It causes the cells in our body acquire the excess energy. This excess energy destabilize the cells. To remain their stability, the cells release the excess energy in the form of Photons. Since these photons are released by the basic building blocks of life, the cells, they are called the Biophotons. The entire process is random by nature. But such a possibility of photon release is favoured by the Second Law of Thermodynamics in Physics.

Future of Biophotons:

Biophotonics is the branch of knowledge which deals with the study, research and applications of photons released by our body and their impact on it. Some researchers are working on the possibility of applying this obscure concept of Biophotons in curing cancer. Cancer is caused when harmful malignant cells are developed in our body and affect other healthy cells too. Since photons are basically packets of energy, they can be redirected after their generation towards the harmful cells by some mechanism. This will eventually kill the cancer cells inside the body without the intervention of any external source like chemical pills or highly energetic lasers.

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