Exposure to Plastic Products Cause Reproductive Problems in Men

BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical component found in the urine of 93% of United States population. It enters in to the body through the various plastic consumer products used. Research done on this chemical has linked it with health issues like behavioral changes, cancer, obesity, diabetes, infertility and early onset of puberty. But mostly the research was conducted on experimental rats. A latest research (dated November 2009) was carried out to understand the impact of this chemical on humans. The study found out that high exposure to this chemical can cause reproductive problems in men. Researchers now are studying low exposure impact of this chemical on health. This article tries to gain further insight.

Knowledge Gained from Research about Bisphenol A:

  • The research was conducted at the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, China.
  • 634 male workers from four chemical factories were chosen for the study.
  • These men were exposed to high levels of BPA.
  • Researchers studied the sexual health of these men for five years.
  • The study found that these men were prone to erectile dysfunction by four times and difficulty in ejaculation by seven times.
  • According to Dr. De-Kun Li, who conducted the research, BPA disturbs the hormonal balance in our body.
  • Within months, high exposure to BPA can make a person prone to reproductive problems.

How Serious is the Situation: The level of exposure of BPA in these men were 50 times more than what an average American is exposed to. But we cannot ignore the fact that this chemical is present almost everywhere. Mostly the food and drink containers possess this chemical. In this way, this chemical gets absorbed in to the body easily. The American Chemistry Council however is of the opinion that the common man is not exposed, but rather his body contains traces of BPA only. The Food and Drug Administration maintains the chemical to be safe. However, it had to face criticism from its scientific advisory board for ignoring more than 100 research study findings on BPA and its health effects. To end confusion and debate between researchers of this chemical and the American Chemistry Council, the Obama Administration has allotted $ 30 Million dollars last month for research. Hopefully the picture will be clear within the next two years about Bisphenol A and its impact on human health.

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  1. According to an excellent series of articles in the Milwaukee Journal Constitution over the past year or so, the FDA’s previous determination that BPA was ‘safe’ was based entirely upon just two research studies, both of which were entirely funded by the chemical industry and were unique among the hundreds of studies performed, in showing the chemical to be harmless. Thanks to the MJC, the Obama FDA is currently conducting a review of its previous determination and is expected to complete the process by November 30, when we will see if the Obama FDA will act primarily in the industry’s or the public’s primary interest.

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