Take the Pain to know Cancer Pain

Human body is made up of cells. They are the building blocks of our body. When harmful cells enter our body and start destroying the properly functioning cells in the body, a person gets cancer. Pain is not a major sign of cancer at least in the initial days. But as the disease increases in magnitude, the intensity of pain grows. This article train to gain further insight on Cancer pain.

Research Statistics and Cancer Pain:

S.No. Description of Pain Percentage
1. Severe pain in advanced stage
2. Under treated Cancer pain patients
3. Prevalence of pain all cancer patients

Causes of Cancer Pain: There are three main causes of cancer pain. They are:

S.No. Cause of pain Nature of Pain
1. Bone tumor metastasis Most Common
2. Nerve tumor infiltration Most Severe
3. Cancer Treatment Techniques Unavoidable side effects

Bone Tumor Metastasis: The harmful cells of the cancer attack the body in the form of a bunch. This bunch of harmful cancer cells is called tumor. The tumor initially attack a particular part of the body. Over the time some harmful cells break away from the bunch. They mix with blood stream and reach other healthy parts of body. Then the normally functioning cells in the new region are also affected by these harmful cells. This is how cancer spreads all over the body. This process is called metastasis technically. It makes cancer disease incurable.

The bones in body are common places of for the tumors to metastasize or spread. This is the reason why 60-80% cancer patients experience pain only due to Bone tumor metastasis.

Nerve Tumor Infiltration: The nerves are cable like pathways concentrated all along the spinal cord. The brain sends signals to various parts of the body through these nerves. They are surrounded by tissues. Tissues are a collection of cells. When a group of tissues unite, a complete organ is formed. When cancer cells enter the cells of the tissues surrounding nerves, the patient experiences severe pain.

Normally when pain starts in an organ, the cells in that organ pass pain signals to pain receptors. The pain receptors cells of the nerve. They pass on these signals to brain. This is how we experience pain. But when pain emerges in tissues surrounding the nerves itself, the pain signals are passed on quickly, because of their close proximity, to the brain. This increases the degree of the pain.

Cancer Treatment Techniques: Once the cancer cells start to metastasize, the disease can only be treated and not cured. Chemotherapy and radiation are the common treatment techniques available today. Each of them have their share of typical side effects. Pain is a common side effect however. The use of chemicals to treat cancer is Chemotherapy. Sometimes it is hard to predict how the chemical used to treat cancer of an organ would affect another organ in the body. Radiations like laser are used to kill harmful cancer cells. But in the process some healthy cells also get killed.

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