Can Fear and Failure Ever be Admired

Are all facets of life destined to be slaves of human perception? Don’t they have an existence on their own merit? Libraries all over the world are filled with books on Courage and Success. One is a glorious human trait to die for. The other is what we seek day and night. Aspects intimately related to these factors are Fear and Failure. Our common perception about them is of a complete lack of appreciation and contempt for them. This article tries to understand the rightful place of fear and failure in our lives.

We are born innocent and ignorant. As we grow, we are trained to eliminate ignorance and retain innocence. During this process of training, we come across the notion of Fear first. It is followed by a moment of Failure. The response of our parents to our experience of fear and failure is very critical. Based on their response, an initial perception about fear and failure develop within us. Unfortunately, the impression a child gets is that fear is unwelcoming and failure, should be avoided.

As life takes its course, we have innumerable encounters with fear and failure. In puberty, we are curious and excited but confused about these traits. The childhood notions about them potently influence our thoughts and deeds during this period of our life. A complete understanding of these traits develop over the years as we mature.

This understanding however do not change our opinion about them. Instead, We learn that they are unavoidable liabilities. So, we prepare ourselves to face them. Our wisdom earned through maturity build within us strong fortresses of courage and deep pride for success. By embracing and holding on with these notions tightly, we try to face fear and failure all our lives.

If we care to be sensitive enough and be little contemplative, we can realize a thing or two about fear and failure correctly. Life is filled with challenges and pitfalls. Fear makes us appreciate courage by demeaning itself. It brings discipline in us. This discipline helps us to be vigilant in life. Without fear, courage is fake. Success we crave for, comes with a price. Failure makes us pay that price duly and understand the true value of the success. Without failure, success is an illusion.

In real life theater, fear and failure are like the back stage technicians instrumental in making the more glamorous courage and success to be famous in the society. From their chosen obscurity, emerges admiration for them.

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