Can Parkinsonai??i??s Disease be Cured within 10 Years

There are one million people in United States suffering from Parkinsonai??i??s disease and nearly 50,000 people are diagnosed with it every year. People over the age of 50 are more prone to develop this condition. Until now there has not been a cure for this disease. But research conducted at Iowa State University has lead to the discovery of vital information which can enable the possible cure for the Parkinsonai??i??s disease in the near future.

Dr. Anumantha Kanthasamy,Ai??a distinguished professor of biomedical Sciences at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary MedicineAi??has been working on this disease for more than a decade. His research revealed the causes of this disease He indicated that the presence of neuro-toxic metals in oneai??i??s environment like Mercury and lead, and exposure to pesticides and other chemicals can trigger Parkinsonai??i??s disease . Further research will hopefully lead to answers as to how to cure it.

Facts that are now known about Parkinsonai??i??s Disease:

  • Parkinsonai??i??s disease is caused when a substance called Dopamine is not produced in the brain.
  • It is enough if the dopamine level in the body is around 40-50 percent if not 100 percent, for carrying out the normal functions of the body.
  • Normal aging naturally causes less production of this substance. But apart from this reason, when the level of Dopamine in the brain falls below 60 to 70 percent, a person gets Parkinsonai??i??s Disease.
  • Nearly 10,000 cells, responsible for producing dopamine, get killed inside the brain of a Parkinsonai??i??s Disease patient. The reasons were unknown till now.
  • Research done by Dr.Kanthasamy revealed that a substanceAi??Protein Kinase-CAi??is responsible for killing the cells which can produce dopamine.
  • The research team of Dr.Kanthasamy developed a compound that successfully killed the Protein Kinase-C, saving the dopamine producing cells in the brain.
  • Cells are the building blocks of our body. Every function in a living cell is carried out by the proteins.
  • The proteins are the chemical molecules, continuously produced by the cells. But sometimes these proteins can cause death of the cells too.

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