What is Courage?

In L. Frank Baumai??i??s The Wizard of Oz, the character of the lion is without courage so he thinks. He is scared of a little dog, and worries about seeing the wizard. However, ironically, he doesnai??i??t give up and breaks into the witchai??i??s castle to save Dorothy who the witch catches and holds captive. He doesnai??i??t realize that he just did something very courageous. Courage canai??i??t be given by anyone, not even a wizard. At the end of the story, the Wizard only gives him a medal of honor, since men of courage earn them.

Courage is something that is within you. It doesnai??i??t mean that you are not scared. It is normal to be scared, when you are put in a position where you have to act on your behalf or anotherai??i??s behalf. I donai??i??t often consider myself courageous, but when I think back, I have to admit that I do what I have to when I have to. An example would be the bat that got in the house. I was definitely nervous. It seemed to flap around pretty fast. I didnai??i??t know how I would ever get it out of the house. Fortunately, it flew into one of our side rooms. I closed the door, and sealed the bottom crack with tape, hoping I would at least know what area in the house it was in. In the morning, I looked around the windows, furniture and curtains, and I found it hanging in back of a curtain. I was petrified to touch it and had on rubber gloves and a bag handy. It hissed and struggled a bit. I ran outside with it a ways and left it go near the pond a few blocks from our house. I was relieved the ordeal was over and realized then and there the courage I possessed! Donai??i??t underestimate your own courage! Having fear doesnai??i??t mean that you donai??i??t have courage. Go out there and earn some medals, real or imaginary!

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