Intuition – The Mysterious Gift

There are many experiences in life which go beyond our daily life understanding. Yet these experiences are handy. For instance, love and Intuition. Humans consider love to be special and personal. We are comfortable to define it, experience it, and realize it in our own way. But, what about intuition? Are we equally comfortable with this experience as with love? The answer is no. I’m sure you have your own personal experiences with intuition. I know I have. I feel special connections to some family members and friends. I felt that something bad was going to happen the night before my brother had his heart attack. I only wish that I could have interpreted my intuition even more to know what that bad thing was  Also there was another time my husband and I were making travel plans to visit my grandmother in New York State. It was an important trip as she was feeling pretty sick around that time. At first we decided on the first weekend that April. A day later, I had a gut feeling that we should make the trip on the 11th instead. The weather would be nice then. I did change plans because of it, and on that first weekend in April, there was a terrible ice storm which caused dangerous roads and power outages that day. However, that following weekend, when we traveled, the weather was beautiful and spring-like. I was glad I trusted my intuition and changed our travel plans.

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About Intuition: The human mind is blessed with qualities like intelligence and imagination. The brain has two hemispheres which have different functions The left hemisphere is associated with the intelligence aspect. It covers abilities like logical thinking, analysis etc. The right half is concerned with imagination, creative thinking, and intuition.

Intuition is the ability to understand things without instructions. It is the opposite of the word tuition. Children have tuition to learn about subjects which they cannot comprehend by themselves. The tutor gives instructions and the child follows to finally grasp the content. But in intuition, a flash of realization presents the complete picture, the big picture with all its essence before us. Such experiences take us aback because we are more familiar with and comfortable with them. They are tangible and easily explained.  However, intuition is an immediate response with little or no thought preceding our feeling. However, if we can get out of our comfort zone, those feeling of intuition can help warn us of events and direct our actions in a positive way. Meditation and relaxation techniques are ways in which you can tap in to your sixth sense or intuition.

Importance of Intuition: Ask a scientist this question and he will swear by it. Though this ability cuts right across the very spirit of science, no scientist can deny the basic role of intuition in science. An artist would share similar experiences about this ability in arts. In all human endeavors, there comes a moment or a point where the tools are used up completely. And at the brink of making history stands this magical ability called intuition to guide from efforts to result.

Understanding of Intuition:

I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.”

– Albert Einstein.

” Stop telling God what to do with his dice“.

– Neils Bohr.

Even one of the most intelligent men in history, Albert Einstein, had to eat his words when the field of Physics, Quantum Mechanics was introduced and firmly established around 1920′s. It was because the subject Quantum Mechanics is partly based on intuition and few experimental evidences. It was extremely tough for even a physicist like Albert Einstein to acknowledge the role of intuition in Quantum Mechanics. It took courage and conviction for physicists like Neils Bohr and his fellow colleagues at that time to establish Quantum Mechanics as a solid branch of Physics.

Understanding about anything begins when we acknowledge its existence. Often we have to step outside of our boundaries, just as one prisoner, in Plato’s Allegory of the cave, steps out of the cave which was his prison out into the sunlight, and into the real world. Sometimes our fear of the unknown hinders us from exploring this wonderful gift of nature. Though research continues, concrete facts about how intuition works will take more time.

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