Is This the Future – Underwater Meetings

ai???We did not expect that the ice sheets can react to warming on such a short time scale.ai???

Global Warming
ai??i??Ai??Konrad Steffen, geographer, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Carbon dioxide is a Greenhouse gas. This gas traps radiation which tries to get out of the earthai??i??s atmosphere. When this gas is trapped it causes the energy associated with the radiation to raise the temperature of the planet. The glaciers present at the poles of the planet absorb this energy and melt. They gush into the oceans of the planet raising the water levels. An average American emits 5 tons of carbon annually. Scientists say that eventually such activities will submerge island nations, cause floods in the cities and the people living in coastal regions will be facing the danger of destructive storms. So, are the efforts to get adapted to an underwater life already beginning? An underwater meeting conducted by the government of Maldives recently suggests so.

What compelled the Maldives government to take such a step is the fact that in a couple of years the island nation will be submerged completely underwater. The meeting was held to garner the attention of the carbon dioxide emitting nations of the world about future outcomes. Cabinet signed a document in the meeting urging the developed and the developing nations to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide gas.

According to an estimate, 1 out of 10 persons in the world live in low-lying regions and face danger from rising sea levels. This fact poses a threat to millions of people living in the coastal regions of America as well. Apart from floods, powerful hurricanes can also cause havoc. Particularly, the southeast of United States and northeastern California are vulnerable regions to the effect of rising sea levels.

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