Types of Headaches

45 million people complain of headache in United States. It comprises of the 16.54% of the total population. Headache is less known by its technical name Cephalgia. This article tries to gets further insight in to this painful state of the body.

Headaches can be classified primarily in to two types. They are primary and secondary headaches. The secondary headaches can be caused as the after effects of major and minor diseases. Examples of these ailments can range from brain tumors, strokes to withdrawal symptoms that follow after leaving smoking and coffee. Discontinuation of taking painkillers can also cause headaches, placed under the category of secondary diseases.

Primary Headaches and their Types: Most of the headache types fall under the category of primary headaches. There are three types of primary headaches. They are : Tension Headache, Migraine Headache and Cluster Headache.

Tension Headache: This headache is the most common type of the primary headaches. It is found mostly in women than in men. 3% of the population is affected with the chronic tension headache.

Migraine Headache: 28 Million people in the United States are affected with this type of headache. As per an estimation of the year 2007, 7.2% women and 7.3% men find themselves under the grip of this headache.

Cluster Headache: It is a rare kind of dreadful headache. The pain is torturous. Only 0.1% of the population get this type of headache. The average age group to be affected by cluster headache is 28-30 years. Statistically, it is found that men are more affected than women by this headache.

Unfortunately, the causes behind any of these three types of dreadful headache types are unknown yet. Only prevention is the available means to counter them presently.

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