Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect the Human Body

Cell phones have become ubiquitous in American life.Ai?? Millions of Americans use cell phones as an integral part of daily life.Ai?? Since cell phones use a type of radiation to operate some concerns have been raised about cell phone use causing cancer or other health problems.Ai?? Read on for more information about how cell phones work and recent research into the effects of cell phone use on the human body.

How Cell Phones Work: All cell phones send and receive information by sending and receiving radio waves.Ai?? These radio waves are actually a type of electromagnetic radiation.Ai?? Electromagnetic radiation, which travels in waves, is either ionizing or non-ionizing.Ai?? Ionizing radiation is used in x-ray machines and can increase the risk of cancer with repeated exposure.Ai?? Non-ionizing radiation is used in cell phones and microwave ovens and is very likely harmless.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum em_spectrum
How Radio Waves Affect our Body:Ai??Since cell phone use is such an integral part of our society there has been interest in and concern about how radio waves affect the human body.Ai?? Several research teams have looked into nearly every possible connection between non-ionizing radiation and cancer and the results thus far seem to indicate that the only side effect of extended cell phone use is heat.

A byproduct of non-ionizing radiation is always heat which is why microwave ovens heat food.Ai?? A person using a cell phone frequently or for extended periods of time will notice that the ear next to the phone feels warm.Ai?? Research also shows that the area of the brain closest to the cell phone antenna, and so receiving the most radiation, speeds up metabolism and uses more glucose than normal. This cellular behavior, though, seems not to have any negative effects on the body.Ai?? The amount of heat is not enough to raise body temperature. Our bodies do an excellent job of regulating and adjusting body temperature in response to any number of outside influences.

Cancer begins when the DNA in a cell or cells is damaged and affects cell division.Ai?? The cells divide more often and more frequently than normal cells and do not die when a normal cell would die.Ai?? It is generally accepted that non-ionizing radiation does not affect DNA and so cannot cause cancer.Ai?? Many studies have compared the frequency and duration of cell phone calls of people with and without cancer and no discernible link can be found between cell phone use and brain or neck cancers.

While all the research thus far indicates that cell phone usage is perfectly safe it is important to note that cell phone technology changes quickly and there may be as yet unknown risks to some newer technology.Ai?? Also, heavy cell phone use has only been common for around 15 yearsso there may be long term cumulative effects that cannot yet be detected.Ai?? If you are at all concerned about any potential ill effects of cell phone use limit the length and number of calls, communicate via text message or email when you can and where an ear piece or use Bluetooth when you do make calls.Ai?? All of those alternatives lessen the amount of radiation that reaches your brain.

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  1. I think radiation injurious to health. Its true true that mobile is the reason for behind some disease .I am agree with you .We should try to reduce usage of mobile phone.I will try to do it and also say to my friend circle also.Thanks fore this serious and useful information.

  2. is there any way to protect our self from mobile problems………….

  3. It can be reduced by only using “esafe” chip, which is available only in foreign, but some distrubiter of india make avaibility of these product, I hav such a chip. but with this chip you buy some other 2 product the total price is 1300,

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