Folliculitis Symptoms

The Follicles
A follicle is a small pack from which the hair grows. It might be described as a small pouch which holds the hair in proper place.

What is Folliculitis?
Folliculitis might be a disease which affect the hair follicles. It might be an infection caused by a bacteria. The name of the bacteria is staphylococcus. It is also known as staph. It might get affected in any of the body part where there is hair growth.

One might get folliculitis if the hair follicles are damaged. Follicle damage might happen due to excess shaving. It might also happen by wearing the outfits that rubs and disturbs the skin.

Using antibiotics for a long periods, hot tub, chlorinated water, wearing tight dresses etc might cause folliculitis. People who are affected with HIV, diabetes etc might be at a greater risk than the rest.

Types of Folliculitis
There are two main types of hair folliculitis. It might have many subtypes according to the nature of the folliculitis.
The primary types of folliculitis are:

  • Superficial Folliculitis
  • Deep Folliculitis

Superficial Folliculitis: It is kind of folliculitis might create itchiness. They might get healed in a few days.
There are five types of superficial folliculitis. They are staphylococcal folliculitis, Tinea barbae , pseudo folliculitis, herpetic folliculitis and pityrosporum folliculitis.

Deep Folliculitis: This is a type of folliculitis which might be painful. It might leave scares after the treatment.
There are three types of deep folliculitis. They are gram negative folliculitis, eosinophilic folliculitis and carbuncles.

Symptoms of Folliculitis
The primary symptoms that are seen in people with folliculitis are:

  • Appearance of red pimples around the hairs
  • Infection around hair follicles
  • Inflammation on the area
  • Appearance of pus filled follicles
  • Itchiness
  • Pain
  • Irritation

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