Red Nose

Some people have the problem of red nose throughout the day. A red nose is primarily caused due to oversensitive blood vessels. The red nose can also be caused due to climate changes. When a person is present in cool climatic conditions, the blood vessels of the nose clamp down, cutting off the blood supply. Immediately after the person enters a warm atmosphere, the blood vessels dilate, bringing a rush of blood. This results in the red nose.

Factors Causing Red Nose:

  • Stress: Emotional outbursts or stress can result in the production of adrenaline. This causes the blood vessels to dilate and results in a red nose.
  • Rosacea: Rosacea is a skin disorder which can cause redness of the nose. In rosacea, the blood vessels are dilated and the blood leaks through the blood vessels, making the nose look red. It can also be accompanied by pimples
  • Scrubbing: Scrubbing your nose while washing your face can result in redness of nose. Moreover, rubbing your nose due to colds or allergies can also cause a red nose
  • Skin care products: Harsh skin care products can harm your skin resulting in a red nose. Allergy due to skin care products can also result in a nose redness
  • Sunburn: Spending excessive time in the sun can result in sunburn and result in redness of the nose. Using of sunscreen and wearing a hat can prevent this problem
  • Other factors: Eating spicy food, smoking, drinking alcohol, hot showers can all result in redness of the nose

How to Prevent Red Nose?

  • Whenever you go out on a wintry day, cover your nose with a scarf. This will keep the blood vessels from clamping and dilating, and can prevent the red nose.
  • Avoid harsh soaps or cleansers. Use soft washcloths for wiping the face
  • Avoid extremely hot showers
  • Stop using the cosmetics which irritate your skin
  • Use a sunscreen when going out in the sun

Treating Red Nose:

  • Ice can help in reducing the redness of nose. For this, you can suck on ice.
  • Wash your face with cold water can bring down the redness
  • Cool compresses can help in reducing the redness. For this, apply ice packs on the nose
  • If your red nose is caused due to allergies, anti-allergic medications may be helpful
  • Stress relaxation techniques can help in keeping the stress away and reducing the redness

If your red nose is persistent and does not go away with home treatment, do consult your doctor. Your doctor might prescribe antibiotics or other medications to treat the red nose.

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