Ear problems

Most Common Ear Problems

The ear problems are common. But they might become disastrous if proper care is not taken. The treatment procedure for different ear problems might vary. It is desirable to go to a medical service provider to get the right treatment.

The most common ear problems are:

  • Otitis media which is an infection of the middle ear
  • Infection of the ear canal, outer ear and the skin around the outer ear and canal
  • Mastoiditis which is an infection of bone behind the ear. It might create a swelling from an over-sized lymph node
  • Problems in the ear drum
  • Otitis externa or swimmer’s ear which is an infection of the outer ear and ear canal
  • Temporomandibular joint syndrome which affects the jaw joint and causes pain and tenderness
  • Blockage in the Eustachian tube which might be the result of cold or flu
  • Toothache and ear pain in the same side
  • Barotrauma which is experienced just after an air trip. This is also known as airplane ear
  • Mild infection in the ear canal which form a pimple in the ear
  • Build up wax or fluid in the ear canal
  • Otosclerosis is an unusual formation of a bone in the ear. It blocks the three tiny bones from vibrating and it cause loss of hearing

Causes of Ear Problems

The primary causes of ear problems are:

  • Swimming
  • Common cold
  • Injury in any part of the body

Symptoms of Ear Problems

  • Fever
  • pain inside the ear
  • Redness of outer ear
  • Swelling of the ear
  • Tenderness of the bone behind the ear while touching
  • Pus drain from the ear
  • Sudden and severe pain
  • Pain while pulling the earlobe
  • Cracking in the jaw joint while opening the mouth
  • Pain in one year along with toothache in the same side
  • Ringing sensation in the year
  • Presence of a pimple in the ear canal
  • Difficulty to hear without any particular reasons

Treatment for Ear Problems

Minor ear problems might be treated in home by taking some simple treatments. But it is desirable to go to a doctor if there is pain, redness, swelling and irritation in the ear. Some of the treatment for ear problems are:

Keep the affected ear up while sleeping

  • Taking pain relief medicines like ibuprofen
  • Ear drops
  • Heat pads and warm cloth application might solve the problem

How to Avoid Ear Problems?

The basic things to keep in mind to avoid ear problems are:

  • Avoid unhygienic water while swimming
  • Use a cap covering the ears before diving into water
  • Dry and make the ear moist free after a bath
  • Go for regular check up
  • Clean the ears properly to avoid hard deposit
  • Leave a thin layer of wax to block the small dust particles and insects from entering the ear

58 responses to Ear problems

  1. My husband just got over a cold with lots of coughing and nasal drip. Now is left ear is swollen twice the normal size. Is this contributed to the cold? It is sensitive when touched and when he lays on it.

    Thank you.

  2. My husband is having a problem with stopped up ears. It first started last summer when he would get hot when working outside. Now he has it again, the Dr. said he had fluid on his ear, but we went to a different Dr. and he said he did not have any fluid on his ear. He also said we might have to put tubes in. Do you have any suggestions what to do with this problem. When his ears stop up, he cannot hear anything.

  3. The usual remedy for common cold is just lots of water, fruit juice and also vitamin-C tablets.-*:

  4. joy said on June 24, 2010

    my son is having a problem of his ear because the dirt of his ear was stock up…how can i get those dirt ?is there a medicine to make the dirt become a fluid in order the dirt will come out of his own…tnx

  5. I am having a problem with my right ear. It started when there was a blockage of wax in my ear and I couldn’t hear well. I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me an ear dropper, but he wanted me to use baby oil as well. I poured a drop of baby oil in my right ear and the next day I could hear well. However, I got a cotton butt to clean the wax. When I did that, it caused my ear to block and I couldn’t hear at all from my right ear. I am really worried because I couldn’t hear at all.

  6. I am feeling as stuffed or closed my right side ear frequently. It may get open with sound during travelling in car. Its getting closed the same ear while entering water inside during bath. No pain or pressure feelings in the ear. It is even not causing any hearing problems also. If you can diagnose with these info, please reply.

  7. My wife has an ear problem which produces fluid and she feven feels headche she has tried in different doctors there is no change, how can she be assisted?

  8. I have ‘crackling’ in my left ear,it is worse when I am trying to get to sleep. It fels like celophane paper being screwed up. any advice please?

  9. I have crakling sound in my left ear , it is worse when I am trying to sleep. Any advice please? It doesn’t affect my hearing.

  10. my dad has seen a specialist who wants to take a biopsy from the bone in his ear as he says something is eating away at the bone. he has always suffered from an extremely large quantity of build up of wax and has constantly over the years required them syringing. what could possibly eating away at his bone. thankyou

  11. just brush and floss daily and you might be able to get away with most dental problems”*’

  12. i have a problem when i touch the outer part of my ear i hear something scratchy and feel some pain.. please help because i dont know what is happenig,,, just send the reply to my e mail.. tnx in advance

  13. I am having a problem with my right ear. It started when there was a blockage of wax in my ear and I couldn’t hear well. I went to a clinic and the doctor gave me an ear dropper, (cerumol) I poured a drop of oil in my right ear once a day. after 5 days i went back to the doctor and flashed some fluids/dirt wax inside my right ear. i went home after. but i felt the same. nothing happens. even my talking affect my voice. i tought im talking loud but my listeners told me to speak louder. I am really worried because I couldn’t hear the normal way. please help. cant go to clinic at this time. my salary still at the end month.

  14. am having an echo feeling in my ears, what could be the prob

  15. I’m having en echoing in my left ear – have had a mild cough with runny nose the past week, but it has subsided now, only slightly stuffy. But the echoing is very annoying. How best to get rid of it?

  16. when you get older, you would be more prone to dental problems and stuff like that “;

  17. I have right ear echoing since couple of week after i got cold. What is the best treatment?

  18. Um, the opening to my ear canal (or the part where you dig in your ear) keeps shutting. Only my right ear. Seems like i don’t have much wax in it either. Only after I tug my ear or tragus it opens, only to gradually close. I’m losing sleep because it always shuts completely close. I think my left ear may getting it too. Very disturbing.

  19. i am having prob with my left ear, it have irritating sound no pain but cant hear normaly its like this water inside. even my talkin is affected cause of my hearin problem pls advise.

  20. hello to all friends and good kind of the peoples im from lebanon beyrut i have 20 years problem in my ear i hear very very well but one side always its close and there is drop always 24 hours and its very clean the inside the 2 ears i visit so many doctors but no one know or understand the problem there is any 1 know thanks for all helping to me

  21. Dear sir, when i was small, abour 6 yrs old a nurse used water syringe to extract ear firt. Then few days later my right ear stopped hearing! Now also it doesnt hear anything! Is there any soln for it?

  22. When you have ear problems it is much better to have it checked up than to try and cure it your self cause it might worsen the problem.

  23. have had a one ear blocked for a few weeks now, have seen a doctor bout it, and there was nothing in ear to cause a block. today just got some pain around the ear and still partly deaf . wat would you recommend.

  24. my mother has a problem with her left ear it’s roaring inside her ear,and sometimes she’s feelin’ that she’s puking..sometimes she feels that she has head ache..what is her problem?

  25. Could there be a problem if you have like a humming in you ear. It’s not a ringing, more like a hum that comes and goes. been going on for a couple of weeks.

  26. I have no hearing in my right ear and have to wear a hearing aid now i had pain in both ears for a month and thougth that i had out grown my hearing aid and also maybe another aid for that other ear to. And was falling allot. So went to the dr. Today and they took allot of wax out of both ears and still alot of pain but getting better. Thanks

  27. my left ear is echoing most of the time especially when am tried. any help

  28. .Ae person who wrote they had a noice or hum or echo. In their ear.I have a moaning inside like a sea shell is over it. I sould have went a year ago but I just had wax removed and still. That woooooo in ear so I went to a specialist and. He thinks I. Have a hearing loss, so tm going to have a hearing test. So for the pain around my heare he said I will prob have live with it. When someone says go to the ear doctor ,go cause. Now I might lose hearing I will find out next week.

  29. hi ask me if i have a problem in my hearing because i cant hear well

  30. My wifes ear stared bleadiig

  31. I do have humming/ringing/echoing problem in my left ear.i use dye and have high pressure and nowe little diabetics. i believe one or many of these are causes for my ear trouble.I thing there is no proper answer for this type of troble n medical reference books.when there is no outside noice i feel this noice in my ear.suppose u open a flask and put the mouth of to ur ear.similar to that sound but only 30 % of tht noce is felt.

  32. I am feeling stuffed right ear and I am kind of our of balance
    is there any medication you could suggest? pls reply

  33. It been almost a year now i have a problem with my ear, it is not painfull but it make the hawling sound inside like wind especially in the evening, i went to the Dr he does not see any problem, i dont know now what to do this thing is iritating,so pls help out.

  34. I woke up last Sunday and had a crackling sound in my right ear….I tried some ear wax removercalled Debrax but so far is has not helped…I can not hear out of the ear..no pain, no swelling etc..just no sound…thanks David

  35. It started jst after work,that l realised something is wrong with my ears.l just started hearing some sounds like a blowing wind.and later on a severe headache.l neva had ear problem so l waz worried ,wat might it be the cause.Later l realised that it was caused by listening to music using ear phones &putting the volume on full blast.

  36. i have a problem in my left side of my ear it start after i clean it and after sneezing also i feel some air inside my ear….than i just live it until the nxt morning i feel pain inside my ear and i felt something is blocking inside the airway and it hurts to my jew if i start eating…i feel it is swelling wright now…what will be the problem inside my ear……thank you for your time to reply….

  37. like annalyn’s problem..what am i going to do?because i feel that something is blocking in my ear..and sometimes it gives me pain..i am worried about this..thanks for your reply..

  38. I woke up last night to my left ear drum sort of vibrating. It also stops and starts again during the day. What is happening?

  39. I would suggest a Naturopathic Dr, I think they could really help, etc.

  40. Kindly help me a week ago ago I started to hear humming/ringing/echoing problem in my left ear. I’m also blocked on my nose. I can’t hear myself when I speak I shout. Please help me.

  41. i am having a problem with my ear…
    sometimes my ear have a green fluid on it.

  42. when i walk nd i see dat am balancing. i have ear problem since i was born pls help me.

  43. i am having prob with my right ear, it have irritating sound no pain but cant hear normaly its like this water inside. even my talkin is affected cause of my hearin problem and some echoing to pls advise.

  44. My girl child of age 3 is have fluid like substance coming out of her right ear and it has a smelling odour. What medicine dose she takes to stop it? Pls i want to know.

  45. i have an ear problem dont know what to do with it it sweats or produce not so good odor and it happens more often what should i need to do???i have been encountering this for over months now.

  46. One of my friend is there, he is a male of having its age as 30-35, he can not here anything from his right ear, please let me know, what can be done for this. He can here very very low sound.

  47. My left ear has closed and I hear my voice inside my ear. Eating anything crunchy sounds loud inside also. Went to ear specialist and he found nothing wrong. No fluid or wax. I can still hear and there is no pain, but there is something definitely wrong.

    I have no hearing at all in my right ear due to a tumor (acoustic-neuroma) operation in 1995. I don’t enjoy having conversations since I hear from inside and not outside. Help!!!

  48. i have a ear problem ,cant listen properly,sumtimes feel pain,sum fuild cuming out from my ear,plz let me know ,wht can be done

  49. The sound that I hear in my right ear is very distorted. I can hardly bear to hold the phone to my ear to listen because the sound feels like it is pounding at my ear drum and is distorted to the point that I can not understand what is being said. There is no pain in my ear, but there is a constant sound like I can hear blood flow all the time.

  50. A drop of spirit accidently fell in my rightear. since then there is continous pain i
    the right side of head. . i am also feeling the pain in right jaw. tell me what to do??

  51. My daughter is having ear problem. It itches her,it pains her, if she opens her mouth to talk or eat she will have sharp pain in her ear, and their is wax in her ear and most time it look as if they ar druming in her ear. And she use to have headache and throat pains.

  52. I do hav ache whenever is cold, or windy.It discomfort me that i hav to block the entrance with scaf or wool or else it may also lead to headache.

  53. I will not play if it is hot day because your nose will blood

  54. i have an ear problem, i always hear that echoing in my left ear i cant hear properly sometimes i hear words but i can’t understand it fast,few fuild like oil while sleeping comes out of it,i used to dive, and i used to put a headset for 2 hours daily plz i need ur help

  55. i have a hole on top of my ear for 15-16 years.it’s not inside my ear.some liquid thing was coming out of it and it was smelly too.but it was of no pain.then for few months i’am having so much pain and the shallow has become bigger now.i can’t even sleep with my left ear as it hurts a lot.i saw a lot of doctors in my town but the medicines they give has no effect on me what so ever.can you suggest me something to cure it please ?


  57. my both ear have a problem what should i do doctor” said that you have problem in your bons and take a machine in your ears
    i am not take the machine then give me advice what should i do please

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