Impossible Syndrome Symptoms

What is Impossible Syndrome?
The impossible syndrome might be treated as a rare disease. It might affect one person in two thousand people. It is a disease caused by birth defects.

The impossible syndrome might be considered as a disease which is affected by birth. It might be because of premature birth, sevre malformations and stillbirth. It might be the result of congenial malformations like extra toe, extra finger, micro penis, wide set eyes etc.

The impossible syndrome is also called Chondrodysplasia situs inversus imperforate anus polydactyly.

Impossible Syndrome Symptoms
The impossible syndrome is a disease which is developed by abnormalities occurred by birth. The chest, abdominal organs etc formulated just in the opposite way when compared to the normal man or woman.

The kidneys might get an abnormality and there might an unwanted growth.

There is only one case which is reported due to the impossible syndrome. In the only case reported due to this disease, the baby was stillborn and premature.
The primary symptoms of impossible syndrome are:

  • Malformations
  • Premature birth
  • Stillborn
  • Extra toe
  • Improper growth of bones and cartilage
  • Small penis
  • Excess hair in the body
  • Extra finger
  • Abnormality in the kidney
  • Beaked nose
  • Wide set eyes
  • Situs inversus
  • Ureters abnormality

Impossible syndrome is a sophisticated and complex combination of congenial malformations or birth defects. In this, the new born might have six fingers and toes in each hands and feet.

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