Chronic Sore Throat

Chronic sore throat is a long lasting and unidentified infection or disease, such as mononucleosis and sinus infection. It is generally referred to as an infectious respiratory virus.

Sore throat is treated as a common infection that affects almost everyone. It is mostly associated with cough, cold and flu. Generally sore throat is affected during winter season and the affected virus gets rid of itself in a week.

In- case of negligence the sore throat may continue to show the symptoms causing Chronic Sore throat.

Symptoms of chronic sore throat:

  • Sore throat not showing any signs of healing
  • Running nose with thick mucus
  • Short term or long term memory loss
  • Psychological changes, mood swings, stomach ache and pains.

Immuno-compromised states are also caused by the virus. Sore throat virus is a constant virus which is once caught will be hard to resolve. It is similar to the unsolved infections found in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

The chronic sore throat virus slowly spreads from person-to-person during normal family contact, so once a person is contracted with this virus, it is most likely to spread to his family members within a year.

The incubation period of this virus is very rapid, generally it takes not more than eight hours from time you caught the virus. And the first symptoms appear to be the fever lasting for 1 ai??i?? 2 days. These kinds of viruses are very dangerous, once you are infected with these viruses, it will be a very difficult task to get rid of it; it remains in your body for a very long time but in an inactive state.

In case of low population the chances of viruses being in an active state are higher. The virus moves with a slow pace spreading to the other parts of the body making it hard to detect

Weakness arises from several microorganisms already living in an individual’s body (if an individual is already infected with a virus and he catches up with an additional virulent virus, then his immune system will not be able to cope up well and leads to chronic fatigue syndrome).

In fact, it has been noted that people who very often complain about ill health are expected to develop chronic fatigue syndrome on contracting additional viruses).

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  1. I would like to know any treatments for this particular virus infection in case of long term. Is there any at all?? Regards

  2. I have ear infection and leak, tried Amoxilline and antibiotic neomycine and polymyxin B Sulfates and Hydrocortisone Otc ear drops. My ear drum is perforated. what can be the counter drug for the treatment.

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