Ear Fungus

What Is Ear Fungus?

Ear fungal infection might be found in the external ear canal. This is called ‘otomycosis’. The fungus might appear in the ear lining and it might not invade into the ear tissues. It might cause pain and itchiness on the area.

The ‘otomycosis might become chronic if one is experiencing it for more than once. The condition might not be serious but it creates much irritation.

Types of Ear Fungus

The human ear might be infected with different types of ear fungus. They are mainly four types of species of fungus found in the ear. They are:

  • Aspergillus fumigates
  • Aspergillus niger
  • Candida albicans
  • Candida tropicalis

Causes of Fungal Ear Infections

The ear fungus might grow fast in the humid and warm environment. There is a greater risk for the ear canal to get affected by the fungus because the area remain warm and humid all the time.

The men and women might get ear fungus infections equally without any particular reason. The people who spend most of their time outside in dirty and highly humid atmosphere might develop ear fungus.

Symptoms of Ear Fungus

The fungal ear infection might show up many symptoms. It might create severe inflammation and pain.
The primary symptoms are:

  • Inflammation of the outer ear
  • Itchiness and continuous itching sensation
  • Pus build up and drain
  • Scaly skin
  • Ringing of the ear
  • Blockage in the ear
  • Build up of particles which increase the rate of fungus growth

Home Remedies for Ear Fungus

  • Take small and equal quantities of white vinegar, warm water, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol. Mix it and pour into the ear. Hold it for one minute in the ear and drain out to clean the ear
  • Take warm olive oil and apply it in the ear once in two months to prevent the excess wax build up which might result in blockage of the ear and ear fungus
  • Put some garlic in a small quantity of olive oil for a few hours and heat the solution. Let it get lukewarm and dip a small cotton ball in the solution. Keep wet part in the ear. This might be repeated for ten days
  • A hair dryer might be used to dry the ear. Hold the dryer at least 12 inches far from the ear
  • Heat some salt and tie it in a thick socks and apply it to the ear. This might absorb the fluid in the ear

Treatment for Ear Fungus

The ear fungus might be treated effectively by treating the above said symptoms. The ear block might be cleared as a first step to the treatment for ear fungus. This might be done at an ENT specialist’s clinic with the help of an otoscope which will make sure that the block is completely removed. The doctor might prescribe an anti fungal solution to apply to the ear.

It might be better to go to an ENT specialists’ center to remove the ear fungus forever.

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  1. help my ears are both bad and its been 7 weeks

  2. for eight years i have had a really bad ear proplem iam now going to a dermantologiet after having ear surgery to repair a hole from fungus by a ent 2 years ago and after still having ear trouble now with the help of dermantology just 5 days in to meds. i can now say i am feeling great i know that i am still healing but now my husband can wisper i love you for valentines day in my ear with out being grossed out so if you are have any proplems wity your ears try a dermantologiest IT WORKED FOR ME. no one should have to suffer like i did .

  3. If it is fungus that you are contracting just make sure it is not someone else’s saliva or the hand touching your facing or body without washing their hands. I contracted the H. Pylori fungus virus from kissing my ex boyfriend that I knew for many years. It happened in different times. Recently one year he gave me the infection by kissing and also suffered yeast infections. The next year I was ok because we were not together. This year he was back and guess what I got the infection from kissing again but no more yeast infections only ear nose and throat otherwise I am okay. But I suffered a terrible sinus attack and bad ear infection contributing from H. Pylori. I believe he is a carrier. So I have to tell you he and I do not have a future together and he is history. He might have picked up this virus from someone else he dated besides me. Sorry I cannot afford to be sick. And I can honestly say that he really makes me sick.

  4. helo sir,…

    Am hving fungus infection ….doctor gve me a ear drops….my ear drum is hving fungus infection….now my ear is blocked….but no pain….i feel like water is inside….what should i do…how many days take time to cure…..plz help…

  5. I have had ringing so loud that I can’t believe nobody else can hear it. I had ear retraction for 3 months till I took decongestant. Now it’s been 6 mon and I still have a motor feeling, vibration and still the ringing. My hearing is perfect. There seems no blockage. Any help out there?

  6. i have ben sufeing with what my doctor calles a ear fungus. it started with an infection in julu 2010, after two weeks on medication i went to a ent specialtist, he did not see anything i went to another ent doctor and was told it was a fungus. i also have a hole in my ear so eas drops are not what i can take. for four months i have seen my doctor for the only treatment, with an puctured ear he cleans out the and and medicated with this purple mediication. it feels good for a few days and then the itchy ness comes back or i feel my ear. clogged. every time he does the same treatment, it is on the mend, but this experence has left me a nervous wreck . i went to my family doctor for a check up and told him about the problem he put me on fluconazole 150 mg for seven days, he said it should kill the fungus in my ear, two day into the medication and i am finally seeing some refief, hope this the answer, but cannot understand why my ent doctor try this after four horrible months. i hope and pray this is the answer.

  7. My symptoms sound like everyone elses. I started with this 4 months ago with ringing in the ears, then one day my right ear went shut, I couldnt hear, I went to my regular doctor, and he said i had alot of fluid in my ear, so he sent me to our big hospital to an ent.
    They cleaned , both ears, and gave me an ear drop, I just went the second time and they preceded to tell me I had an ear fungus. So they gave me different drops, mertholate, told me to take it for 3 days, and no more, i come to find out it has mercury in it, and today on the tv I heard mercury is leathal. Is this harmful or not. My ears were great for two days, now it itching again and it feels sore. Am I gonna have to go through this the rest of my life. I cant stand this. It feels like I have water in my head, like when you go swimming and cant get the water out of your ears.

  8. Sue said on March 9, 2011

    I started last summer (8 months ago) with a stopped up head and ear block. I use to fly for a living and never experienced it before. I had ringing in my right ear. I went to a ENT and he gave me a hearing test! I had excellent hearing always and it showed a little loss. I could not hear the beeps because of stopped up ears. I went to the other ENT – MRI showed no tumor but allergy testing was ordered. I did not take the test as I have lived here 17 years and no problems. Finally, I read on fungus and also candida (yeast infection) and that the fungus can cause massive amounts of thick fungus deep in the ears. Most is caused by excessive sugars, wheat, etc. I read a natural juicing history on this and have put myself on the special diet – no peanuts, sugars, dairy or egg. In the days I started, I showed an improvement at night with less ringing and stuffy ears. But, far from well yet. I remembered I started loving vanilla ice coffees, several cokes and snacks last summer after I retired. Try juicing and eliminating in your diet.

  9. I have had problems with ear fungal infections and finally went to an ENT physician with good results. The first thing he did was clean the infected ear out. He washed a good bit of fungal-related debris from the ear. You can do this yourself with a rubber ear syringe available from most drug stores. He then prescribed an anti-fungal medicine which is available over the counter; i.e. Lotrimin liquid. I put 3 drops of this in the problem ear twice a day and gently spread it around with a Q-tip. After 3 weeks I was cured. It ‘s a nuisance but it works

  10. I have had itchy, draining, hurting ears for over 2 years, with no relief. I told my primary dr. about it and he prescribed an ointment. This did nothing to relieve me. Now on top of the ear problem I have a patch on the back of my neck itchy all the time. One of them kind of itches that you feel you need to claw until it bleeds. I went to the dr. today and he mentioned that it could be fungus. I dont know much bout it but it sounds serious. Please someone give me some insite of what this could intell. Thanks

  11. Hello all,
    At first i began to have the sensation that there was something crawling around inside my right ear.But my Doctor told me that there was nothing there so he cleaned out my ears and billed me.I went to another doctor and he said that it was a bacteria,he told me to see an ENT ,I went to 2 ENT Doctors one of them said that there were tiny white specs on my eardrum he cleaned off my eardrum and again flushed out my ears.
    The next ENT said that I had a fungus,he scraped some dead skin from the inside of my ear applied some purple stuff and perscribed a type of steroid to be taken by mouth,I followed his directions and here i am now almost 2 long years with this problem,my ear is draining constantly .My hearing is fine for now but i am very worried.

  12. I had been wondering lately if the itchiness and constant flaking in my inner and outer ear have been due to a fungal infection. Over the years I’ve experienced dry mouth, flaking, itching and ringing in ears and anxiety. To test my hunch, before going to bed, I placed some tea tree oil on some cotton in my ears and kept it in for as long as I could stand it, then I took the cotton out. The next day my left inner ear felt as if there were something loose and as soon as I commenced a itchin’ a long piece of dry skin came out. Gross – but that proved my theory that I have a fungus in my ears. It’s been about four days following this regimen and I seem to be having some relief with flaking, itching, dry mouth, ringing and anxiety. Will keep up until total relief or if relief plateaus. Then maybe a visit to the doctor for a more powerful anti-fungal. ( Also, as others have stated here, you MUST give up sugars, drinking alchohol, bad carbohydrates, that is, white flour products and potatoes – all this will help in starving the fungus.) See knowthecause dot com.

  13. my czn have fungal problem of ear.docter told her to take injections but i did not think that she must do so.plz tel me what i must prescribe for her .

  14. Im sufferin from ear fungus and the doctor prescribed for me some ear drops called viotec,hwever,the pain is even much more right now,its like having too much fluid in ur ear and u cant help it and ofc its blocked,i have exams and i can not concentrate for 1 sec frm the pain..all pain killers aint workin wat do i do

  15. I have had pain in my right ear several times over the years. Last year it was relieved with Ciprodex drops. This year, same thing, took drops, it got better, but came back. I was put on Fluconazole for 6 days along with Polymyxin B Sulf/Trim drops for fungus. (They did a test to make sure it was a fungus.) It was better while i was taking the Fluconazole, but while still taking the Poly drops, the pain came back. My GP sent me to a specialist (ENT). He put drops in my ear (without warming them up, so I was dizzy) and he sucked out my ear as I gritted my teeth in extreme pain. He put some kind of foam in my ear, put a cotton ball in my ear and sent me home. I felt better for almost two days, but now am having bad pain at times. My appointment isn’t until Monday. Do I just suffer or take Advil around the clock? He said it would take 3 or more visits. Am I being strung along or does it take several treatments?

  16. I hate to be a bearer of bad news BUT it NEVER goes away. Here is my story,:

    hronic Ear Fungus since 87 & the doctors are of little help
    by EarFungusSince1987 help, less than a minute ago
    In most cases , it can be handled by OTC anti-fungal creams. tolanaftate (tinactin) Clotmetrizole, etc. (athletes foot creams & similar anti-fungals)

    It takes a LONG time to clear up.

    However mine seems to be too chronic for this.

    I’ve been using OTC anti-fungals for nearly 2 years, but the infected skin is multi-layered, apparently coiled up and never seems to completely clear.


    Thanks. Peace.

  17. Ann said on July 2, 2011

    These fungal infections of the ear are most likely caused by an overgrowth of Candida Albicans in your body. We all have this bacteria in our bodies along with the good ones such as Acidophilus, etc. Antibiotics, steroids, etc. kill these good bacteria and the candida goes rampant and just grows and grows causing many ailments you can hardly believe can come from such a thing. I am reading a wonderful book which just happens to have much information about overgrowth of candida albicans.

    You may not need to lose weight, but you do need to kill that candida, so I highly recommend “Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight” by Zoe Harcombe. This way of eating will kill that candida and you should feel better in many ways besides clearing up those poor ears. I got my copy on ebay. Best wishes for your recovery.

  18. SIr,
    Fungal Infections are treated by CANDID and CIPLOX ear drops for my 7 yr old child. Is it normal to have burning sensation not just once but couple of times of the ear drops dose. Its just 3 times day 3 drops(7 days course).But i am concerned with the burning sensation and that the ear should not get damaged further.Could you kindly advise. Thank you

  19. I live in Denver and two years ago I started having drainage problems along with what seemed to be puss. I went to Urgent care 3 times then to the ER and then finally to an ENT. The urgent care washed my ear out and it seemed to work out but then it came back a couple of days later. The ER gave me pain killers and sent me to an ENT. I went to one and they helped me out it took about 2 visit to get me all good. They also added the violet color die and it worked. Great this year it has come back and this tim right when it seems to be getting better it comes up again the drainage and the ugly stuff. I do have very dry ear-wax naturally and when i go running I use in ear headphones I think for me it has to do with the sweat and the earwax, but not sure. I have an appointment with my ENT this wednesday and will let you all know. I also have a dog and have asked if her hair might be causing the issue but i was told no.

  20. I to have been suffering from fungus in my right ear. It makes my ear feel like a wet heavy sponge is in my ear.
    For as long as I can remember I have suffered from dry skin in both of my ears but only the right one is affected by the fungus. I do a really gross thing by digging this stuff out with a bobby pin I know what you are thinking you should not put a bobby pin in your ear but hey it is the only thing that will give me any relief! I also have been to the doctor on many visits to have my ear cleaned out and this problem always comes back to haunt me. Medicines only help for a short time, the diet idea may work I’ll have to give it a try.

  21. I recently decided to have my ears cleaned by an ear nose and throat specialist. I did not have any medical insurance at that time and agreed to pay the doctor for his services. My 90 year old mother also went to the same doctor and needed her ears to be cleaned. I figured that while my mom was getting her ears cleaned I’d go also. The doctor looked in my mother’s ears and removed a small piece of wax with a instrument. He also did as less as possible. My mother had to remind the doctor to also look at her throat while she was being examined. The doctor reluctantly looked down her throat with fibre optic scope. I was next and all the doctor did was look into my ear and tell me there is no wax! I had not had my ears cleaned for 35 years! The doctor immediately had his assistant give me a hearing test. It was found that I had marked hearing loss in the left ear. The doctor then came out and told me I have a “rare condition”. When someone loses hearing in one ear to rule out an “acoustic neuroma” he wrote a presecription for a MRI of the brain and ear.
    The office visit cost me $375.00 (out of pocket expenses). The MRI with contrast studies cost me $900.00. OUCH! Today my hearing loss is still there after parting with all of this hard earned money. I believe a fungus infection is the cause. Inotherwords he used an elephant gun to kill a fly! What a ripoff!
    I believe this doctor was practicing defensive medicine and could care less about me the patient. Morale of the story is never trust a doctor, especially when you pay cash out of pocket. Once they know you have money, especially cash they rob you. Doctors can be crooks too!

  22. I am having a problem in my right ear since last two months. First Doctor cleaned with water saying I have too much ear wax. Slowly, I am having hearing problem. I feel like my ear is blocked and hear buzzing. In my recent Doctor’s visit, he gave me some ear drops and asked me to use along with selsun blue shampoo. According to him, I have ear fungus. I suppose to put few ear drops and add one drop of selsun bule shampoo and add one drop of medicine (drop) he prescribed. I am scared putting shampoo in my ear. Any idea whether this is good thing to do?

  23. My left ear is already block now , What should i do ? How to tell if its ear fungus or wax? Can i use MURINE EAR DROP if it is happen to be ear fungus , not wax?

  24. I have had an ear infection for over a week. My doctor put me on antibiotic and antibiotic ear drops which completely stooped up my ear and did nothing for the earache. I went to an ENT doctor which drained the fluid from my ear and put a powder in it he told me I had an ear fungus. I have to wait 2 days then go back to him for recheck. The pain is gone just a little discomfort. I should think with this and ENT doctor is best.

  25. I have been suffering from ear fungus in my left year since last 2 years. 4 years back I got surgery to my left year bcz of vertigo symptoms. then 2 years it is ok. then after fungus problems started. When I use some drops like candid”o” it is relived. If I stop using drops again it is attacking

  26. I am a 65 year old male that needed to have wax removed from both ears. I had never had any ear problems before and this was the first time I needed to have wax removed. Several weeks later, both of my ears were in excruciating pain. To make a long story short, I have a fungal infection in my ears. I have been going to my ENT once a week to have the fungus vacuumed out. I have tried several prescriptions (cortisporin, 2% acetic acid, cresylate 25%, fluconazole tablets, tolnaftate cream 1%, a home mixture of vinegar and alcohol, and peroxide), but none of those seemed to work. By researching this subject online, I noticed clotrimazole as an anti-fungal treatment. I bought a tube of this 1% clotrimazole cream (which is an over-the-counter athlete’s foot cream) and it seems to be doing a great job. I have no pain, improved hearing, and I don’t have to see the doctor now for another two weeks. I still have a hole in my left ear, but that will take additional time to heal. I hope this information will help someone.

  27. I think I may found the cure!!! Yeah..took some work and some different ways of geting the ringing and heartbeat in my ear to stop! It got so annoying..Turned out I had a candida fungal albicans in my body from eating too much sugar, carbs, and dairy. I went on a pure candida cleanse, taking wormwood mix, (hulda clark) for about 3 wks, bentonite clay, and a herbal detox from the health food store, with physllium husks in it to remove the die off. Secondly I started a hydorgen peroxide drip from my Dr (naturapath) and 3x for one hour intravenous..Within 2 weeks I started feeling better. Just finished an ear candling session and It may be all over !! I also had a C1 adjustment at the specialist (not a lot of chiropractors can do this).
    I am sharing this info which may help all the sufferers out there!
    I have since lost 10 pounds, no sugar, juice, or fake food! I eat a lot of salads, but beware the ones in the plastic contain a lot of mould..buy your veggies plastic free and wash in food grade hygrogen peroxide

    It works, takes time but it works!
    Good Luck

  28. am havin a fungal ear infection, the doctor gave me a aplocyn (ear drop), at first i feel relief but then again it comes back..so itchy and feels like theres water inside my ears.has a clear darinage over it…what sould i do.plz help!

  29. What a relief to know that so many people out there feel my pain (literally). Have been suffering for 7 wks now. Dr. gave me antibiotic at first. It didn’t work (surprise) then he diagnois it as ear fungus. Took meds and drops for 10 days (mind you I was seeing Dr. once a week). Finish meds continue drops and still can’t hear, still itchy and in pain. Please tell me how much longer before this nightmare is over. Can anyone give me some hope :-(

  30. My right ear is already block now , What should i do ? How to tell if its ear fungus or wax? sometime feel severe itichen Can i use any oil,or any DROP .

  31. i had ear infection 6 months ago. i went to ent specilist,who cleaned the ear and placed inside a anti-fungul tube in my ear after cleaning (which got dry itself in 7 days).i became fine well. after 30 days again i was infected by ear fungus infection. ent specilist again cleaned and put inside the same tube. but the infection didnt gets end.i am suffering from it now, n i m having hole in my ear aswell so i cant take any ear drops. besides this, i am taking medicine neodipar for hormons control. its very depressing moment, i dont know what to do now.how to get rid of this infection? i am also taking very care from moisture.but how to remove this forever ?

  32. I have this problem years ago ,my ears itch and I get like eczema, skin debris it itch but it don’t hurt I put just cream over the counter it helps but still I had the problem I thought it was only me I don’t know it is common specially in Florida were I live ….

  33. I have been feeling dizzinness for seven years now,i always feel pains,ringing in my right ears,I also feel lose of balance of the whole body,I always feel tirediness,of the whole body,Advice me on the right treatment of this of this problem

  34. oh itchy ear

  35. im not liking this infection

  36. Had the same ear infection. Initially, when I went to the GP, they told me it was bacterial infection. Gave me antibiotics and ear drops. 3 months later, I had the same problem. Went to the same GP, got similar treatment. 2 months after that, same problem. GP gave me the same treatments. I said, the hell with GPs, they don’t know what they’re doing. So I went to ENT specialist. It was a freaking FUNGAL infection. For 8 months I suffered what I thought was bacterial infection to the ear.

    The ENT cleaned my ears, put some anti-fungal cream, advised me to not get any liquid inside the ear for 3 weeks, and I am all fine now.

    Other than flu and cold, it is always best to go and see the specialist and get the accurate diagnosis. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money on GPs.

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