Home Remedies for Ear Infection

A home remedy might be tried at home to treat or alleviate a disease or a condition. In the same way, trying a home remedy for ear infection might be beneficial.

Some of the most effective home remedy for ear infection might be:

  • Apply hair dryer against the ear. Hold the dryer at least 12 inches away from the ear to evaporate the unwanted water from the ear
  • Apply warm water bag or warm salt bag to the ears to feel comfortable Clean the flakes, pus, wax etc
  • A few drops of garlic juice might be poured into the ear to get rid of the infection
  • Remove the hard deposit with a Q-tip dipped in baby oil after applying a few drops of baby oil in the ear
  • Wash the hair and make it clean and dry in the case of a minor infection
  • Ear wax might be removed to make the ear feel free to hold any medication

Home Remedies to prevent Ear Infection

  • It might be better to avoid continuous contact with people who has cold, coughing and people who smoke
  • Try to avoid touching the nose, eyes and ears
  • Take a lot of vitamin C to boost up the immune system. This might prevent the infection up to an extend
  • Wash the hands every now and then and keep them dry and clean
  • Try to give maximum breast milk to infants
  • Take a lot of food containing zinc
  • Avoid smoking, passive smoking and smoking persons affected with cold
  • Have a balanced and healthy diet which contains plenty of calcium
  • Try to reduce processed food and hydrogenated oils

What is Ear Infection?
Ear infection is called otitis in medical terms. ‘ot’ meaning ear and ‘itis’ means inflammation or infection.

The ear infection might be caused by an infection in the Eustachian tube situated near the inner ear. Eustachian tube links the inner ear and nasal passage to ease the fluid drainage and to balance the pressure in the ear. But once the ear is blocked by the mucus or other fluids, the pressure on the Eustachian tube increases and it might cause an infection in the ear.

Children might get at least one ear infection within six months to two years. In children, the ear infections are mainly caused by bacteria or virus. It happens when they touch or poke the ear with hands and fingers which are not hygienic.

There are mainly three types of ear infections. They are:

  • Otitis externa or outer ear infection
  • Otis media or middle ear infection
  • Otis interna or inner ear infections

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