Throat Pain

What is Throat Pain?

Well some people experience throat pain while swallowing and some feel the pain even when their throat is at rest. Let us study the first condition.

A severe throat pain in the neck, while swallowing food or even water could be caused by any sign of trouble from the mouth to the esophagus.

Many suffer from a throat pain because of a range of swellings in the larynx, pharynx, and tonsils. Some experience pain even while drinking water. And some see swelling of esophagus and pharynx (pharyngitis). These are the most common symptom caused by a viral infection, and associated with discomfort in the throat.

Other reasons or infections that cause pain in throat:

When you catch cough and cold with a running nose, there are more chances of you experiencing the throat pain. The other symptoms include sinus and blockage of nose which adds pain to your throat.

The provocative condition that affects the throat and the layer of the pharynx is usually due to bacterial infection. Some of the symptoms list discomfort and irritation in the throat.

Antibiotics can be best used to treat bacterial Infections. This may also be relieved by gargling and throat pastilles.

Precaution to stay away from infections:

  • Stay away from smoking
  • Avoid boozing in excess quantity
  • Keep control over acidic meditation
  • Focus more on nutritional food
  • Try and avoid unhealthy and solid foods,
  • Do not drink extreme hot and cold fluids, which can cause mouth ulcers,
  • Do not gulp food as it gives burning sensation in the throat and chest. So chew it well before you give the work to the digestive system,
  • It is always advisable to take pureed foods, which will help keep you away from various disorders in the throat and face.
  • Do not lie down immediately after taking a heavy meal
  • Dental problems need to be taken care at the first sight.

By taking the above measures, you can control all such kind of infections in your body and help improve your lifestyle by yourself.

3 responses to Throat Pain

  1. thanku very much for ur help i was curious about my throat pain

  2. I am having throat pain(left side only) while swallowing. I used erythromycin 500 for a week. But no affect

    One of my friend(doctor) told me to use augmentin instead of erythromycin! What is the difference between these 2 ?
    What may be the cause of my throat pain? What is the viral infectio?bacterial infection?hw can v distinguish between these 2

    Pls advise

  3. throat pain have been disturbing me on the right side of my neck.its has been making my throat and man apple growing biger and biger.plz help me because i dont like it .

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