Symptoms of ENT Disorders

Some symptoms of ENT disorders are common and some are unique to the disorder. Some of the common symptoms of ENT disorders are:

  • Pain in ear and throat: Any ENT disorder may be related to the pain in ear or throat. Especially in ear infection there is severe pain that increases with time. Chewing or swallowing worsens the pain.
  • Swollen lymph nodes: Infection of inflammation of ear, nose and throat can cause swelling in the lymph nodes in neck area.
  • Headache: It is the most common symptom associated with ENT disorders.
  • Fever, chills, fatigue, congestion and cough are some of the common symptoms of ENT problems.

Ear disorders symptoms:

  • Fluid discharge, difficult hearing or a loss of balance are the most common symptoms of ear infections.
  • Unusual sounds like whistling, buzzing, hissing and ringing in the ear are the symptoms of Tinnitus.
  • Hearing loss is the symptom for trauma, infection, allergy, tumors, systemic and hereditary disorders of ear.

Nose disorders symptoms:

  • Nasal discharge and loss of sense of smell and taste are the symptoms of nose related disorders.
  • Runny nose, nose bleeds, difficulty in breathing are the symptoms of Rhinitis.
  • A lump in nose or nasal polyps are the symptoms of tumour in the nose or nasal cancers.

Throat disorders symptoms:

  • Difficulty in swallowing, uneasiness in throat or sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes are the common symptoms of throat related problems.
  • Fever, fatigue, sore throat, inability to swallow and enlarged lymph nodes are common symptoms of Strep Throat.
  • A severe sore throat accompanied by fever, chills and difficulty in swallowing, are some of the common symptoms of Tonsillitis.

4 responses to Symptoms of ENT Disorders

  1. I am seeking an Ayurvedic remedy for a blocked left ear, with congestion that is also felt in the left side of the throat. No pain, just pressure in the ear. Nose is clear. I feel as if I am under water in the left ear. Right ear is OK. Thank you.

  2. i like ayurvedice remedies because it does not have side effects like drugs.

  3. it’s so helpful to me because it has all the disorders in the ear that’s all thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. my mother suffer from throat pains two months already..she consulted three doctors ENT experts..but then her throat pain remain..she describes that something in her throat is painful and something that is my tumutusok daw..hope you help my mothers problem..habang tumatagal daw po kasi ung pain is umaabot n hanggang head..

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