Sores in Nose

Sores in the nose can cause a discomfort and pain. They can be scaly, crusty and can bleed when picked at. Nasal sores can be caused due to bacteria, virus or due to other reasons. Nasal impetigo and herpes simplex virus are the the most common reason behind sores in nose.

What Causes Sores in Nose?
Here are some of the reasons behind sores in the nose:

  • Bacterial infection: Staphylococcus bacteria can invade the nose and result in dry, crusty lesions. Yellow crusting is seen. There can be discharge of oozing of the crusts. The staph bacteria can be hidden in the fingertips and can spread to the nose through the contact. Hence, during this treatment, distance should be maintained between the fingers and the nose. Treatment involves using topical antibiotic cream such as Bactroban or oral antibiotics are used.
  • Cuts: While trimming the nasal hair, a small cut inside the nose can lead to infection and sores. Treatment for cuts involves cleaning the nostril and using an antiseptic lotion or cream
  • Folliculitis: Folliculitis is the infection of the nasal hair follicles which is caused by staphylococcus bacteria. Oral antibiotics can be used to treat the infection
  • Herpes: Herpes simplex virus can result in sores in the nose along with break outs around the oral cavity. The herpes break out can be recognized by clusters of red bumps. Anti-viral medication which is used to treat oral herpes can be effective in treating this infection.
  • Allergies: Allergies to nasal sprays, fumes, jewelry or other objects can result in nasal sores. Stopping the usage of the allergic substance can help in reducing the nasal sores
  • As sores in the nose can be cause due to various reasons. Do consult an ENT specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment of the sores.

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    1. i been having pain and sowellen in my hands and feet for two months now it hurts so bad that I cannot even pick up a cup or do my hair and on the left hand I have no feeling. at night it gets worse I can’t sleep with this annoying pain my doctor seem to agnore me when I talk about it. I also have a sore in my nose that come and go it very painfull to touch it bleeds and theres yellow stuff that come out before it bleeds like pus.

      • I don’t mean to come off as insensitive….However my question to you Phyllis is how after experiencing such excruciating pain, you managed to type out the long message?

    2. phyllis, I spoke to my dr about the sores I have in my nose. I have lupus which is an autoimmune disease. She said it was part of the lupus. Check yourself for an autoimmune disease. I had the same joint pain at the beginning of my diagnosis in ’99. Very painful at first but can be controlled with simple medication.

    3. Sure would like to talk to someone who has lupus as Aug. 6/11 Jane left a comment and I have lupus and it is getting worse all the time but doctors say they cannot help, my eyesight was affected in the last month and I had a mini stroke and had to have ctscan, wear a heart monitor, take xrays and blood tests and now I will be having a cardiogram test next month, using oodles of cream etc., and now I break out on my back, arms legs, face with sores and now this in my nose and it is so painful so maybe Jane can tell you and I the medicine avaiable for this, I work in the public eye and cannot afford to quit my job so need any good advice I can get on Lupus…believe me I have researched frantically on the computer and it all comes back again that it is radicals fighting inside the body and the doctors have no solution. Thanks in advance for any help I can get as my nose is swelling up towards my eye. Vera

      • Hi Vera,
        Are you a bliever, go and read the Bible on healing. are you in the position at the moment where you havent forgiven someone. if so Go on your knees and ask Lord Jesus to help you forgive that person, forgive and forget. get rid of that unforgiveness.Go to church where they can lay hands on you and accept that you have been healed. Be always positive, call out to the Lord. I had Lupus for 18 years, the Lord healed me.

    4. Hi my name is kristan fontenot and my mon was diagnosed with lupus a few years back and there is light at the end of the tunnel she found a doctor that put her in a drug called plaquenil and it works wonderfully she barley has flareups but on occasion she has flare ups she is in remission although it’s a horrible disease it is controllable I’d be glad to give u info if u would email me at krissan88@yahoo.com

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